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Irish metal band Words That Burn signed a deal with WormHoleDeath records

Words That Burn from Ireland signed a deal with the Italian WormHoleDeath label.

The band stated that: We are very excited to announce that we have signed a world-wide recording & distribution deal with WormHoleDeath Records/Aural Records for the release of our debut full-length album ‘Regret is for the Dead’ (C & P 2016 Warner Chappell Music Holland BV). We want to thank Carlo Bellotti at WormholeDeath for guiding us through this process to date, for assisting us in refining the overall vision for the album, and for giving the album the attention we feel that it deserves. It is an absolute privilege to become part of the WormHoleDeath label. Based in part on their catalogue of artists and releases to date, as well as their experience and professionalism, we feel that they we have found a partner who is, and will continue to be, as passionate about what we do as we are. We have committed a great deal of time, effort, and in some case heartache, in terms of writing and recording this album over the course of past year or so. Thanks to both Carlo and our producer Jonathan Mazzeo at Mathlab Recording Studio (Pistoia, Italy), the album sounds huge and the songs have turned out even better we could have imagined at the start of the writing process. We had a vision for this album. Carlo and the rest of the WHD team helped us realize it. We are very proud of what we achieved and we are very exciting to share it with everyone in 2016.


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Interview Third Gallery

Interview with Jelena, the lead vocalist of the Serbian metal band, Third Gallery.

By Carla Morton


Hi Jelena, how are you?
Awesome, thank you for asking! I just finished decorating my place for the upcoming New Year’s party. There was always something so exciting about the holidays that’s keeping you all fired up and psyched during the cold winter days here!

Tell a few things when the band was formed.
The band was formed in late 2007 by my guys Dragan (drums), Dimitrije(keyboard, vocals) and Laza (bass). They started this band’s journey while they were still in high school and are still rocking together ever since. I honestly think that my life today would have taken a whole different turn if these three metalheads didn’t start trashing their cheap instruments back in the day. We’ve always been like family and still are.

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Interview: Six Days Of May

Interview with Jack, the vocalist of the Modern Metal band, Six Days Of May.

By Carla Morton


Hi Jack, how are you?
Here everything is great, Carla!

Tell me a few words when Six Days of May was formed.
Six Days of May, as it is known today, has been created in the September of 2010 from a previous high school band. Originally the idea was having two singers but we used to play a totally different kind of metal with a totally different attitude. Only few months before getting into the studio for our first album, we decided to have only one singer. Three of us remained in the band since the creation of it.

”Lymph” is your debut album released last year. What can you tell me about it?
”Lymph” is an album that reflects the first years of the band. It is the sum of all the ideas gathered in more than 3 years of thinking about what to play… and we change our mind so quickly! So the result is an album easy to define metal, but hard to put it in a strict kind of subgenre.


Are you preparing a new album?
Yes! We are working on our sophomore album! This is gonna be something really different from Lymph, as the experience we had in the last year changed us a lot. We decided to join our path with a new drummer and a new bass guitarist to define our new sound even better!

There exist some influences?
Of course there are, but they are sometimes far from the kind of scene we use to play with. We are more fascinated from muisc languages outside metal, mixed with the heavyness of what we were used to listen in metal while we were growing up or what we think is interesting in the actual metal scene. That let us the opportunity to not be striced to a specific area, but to play what we feel in that moment.

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