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CONCERT REVIEW: Metsatöll, Týr, & Eluveitie — North American Tour


By: Alex Phillips

Date: 10/14/14

City: Minneapolis, MN

Venue: Mill City Nights

Hear Alex’s audio interview with Metsatöll HERE

Minneapolis is kind of a boring city if you have no money. After interviewing Metsatöll, I had four hours to kill before Mill City Nights opened its doors for a throng of metalheads. I ended up watching Seinfeld reruns at a crummy pizzeria around the corner until six, at which point I’d had enough and went to stand in line outside the venue. Fortunately, Atso, Metsatöll’s drummer, was having a cigarette. I can’t emphasize enough how awesome each member of Metsatöll is. (Listen to my interview with them here.) We talked about his appreciation for oldschool thrash and death metal. Metalheads were lining up. Finally Atso said, “We go in now.” Continue reading CONCERT REVIEW: Metsatöll, Týr, & Eluveitie — North American Tour

METSATÖLL Audio Interview in Minneapolis, MN October 14, 2014

Alex Phillips from Skullbanger.net interviews Estoinian metal band METSATÖLL before their show at Mill City Nights in Minneapolis. Alex and the band discuss their new album Karjajhut, how the band approaches songwriting and other topics.