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Interview: Words That Burn


By: Carla Morton

Formed in the year of 2010, Words That Burn is an Alternative metal band from Ireland. The band’s vocalist and guitarist, Roni, answered me some questions about the band and the upcoming release.

Hello Roni, how are you? 
Hi Carla. I’m great thanks. Good to chat to you.

Tell me when the band was born? 
The band has gone through a few different stages since it started in mid 2010 I think. Back then there was only 3 of us. Myself and Ger (bassist) and a drummer from another local band. We didn’t really have the sound we have today. Mainly down to the fact we came from different bands, one kinda heavy and the other not at all. So there was a lot of ideas and influences there, but it didn’t seem quite right. It didn’t seem to go where I wanted it to go.  We always needed a second guitarist and just round about the time we went into studio for our first EP, Praey, our previous drummer introduced us to Shane our lead guitarist. He brought even more ideas to the table which has become a major influence on our overall sound now.

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