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Interview: O.Y.D

Interview about O.Y.D with Orestis, the vocalist of the band.

By Carla Morton


Hi Orestis, how are you?
Fine, how are you doing?

Tell me when OYD was formed?
O.Y.D. was formed  in the spring of  2012 in Kalamata,southern Greece.The first members were me and Nick . Stavros has been the last member to join in.

You have released the debut album “Deep Breath”, tell me about it.
The album is out since the 2nd of October by “Pavement entertainment”. In my opinion it is better to let people find out on their own about whats going on, by listening to the album.

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Interview: Wolves Like Us

An interview with Espen, the guitarist of the Norwegian Dark rock band, Wolves Like Us.

By Carla Morton


Hej Espen, how things are going?
Hi, things are going fine

Tell me about Wolves Like Us, a little history when the band was formed.
Wolves Like Us started back in march 2010, when Jonas (drums) approached Lars (singer guitarist) about starting a band. The two of them worked at the same club at that time and liked each others previous bands. Me and Toy (bass) had been In a band with Lars for many years already, so they wanted us to join.

Let’s talk about releases, which is the debut album?
Our debut album, “Late Love”, was recorded in January 2011 and released in June the same year. It consist of 9 original songs + a cover of The Afghan Whigs My Enemy. Four songs of this album were recorded as demos from spring 2010 and that demo got us a record deal with Prosthetic Records. Videos, (find them on youtube) were made for “Deathless, Gone To Dust and Secret Handshake” songs.

“Black Soul Choir” was released last year, what can you tell about this also?
BSC was recorded in spring 2013 and came out in February 2014. It`s more sludgy, maybe a bit more heavy and epic than “Late Love”. That’s what we think at least. Videos were made for Ì Don’t Need To Be Forgiven and Three Poisons.

Who use to write the music in the band?
Lars write all the lyrics and melodies and we all contribute for the riffs and ideas for the songs.

Did you start writing new materials for a future release?
Yes, we are making demos as I answer these question. Behold 2016.

What about the band’s influences?
Well, we all grew up with indierock, punk and metal, so I guess all those genres inspires us. 80`s synthpop bands like Depeche Mode and Duran Duran has always been favorites. But to name a few bands: The Afghan Whigs, Planes Mistaken For Stars, Hot Water Music, Leatherface, Quicksand.

Any lyrical themes?
I guess you have to ask Lars that question. All I can say is that it`s quite dark.

What about concerts, are there any confirmed?
We just did a four date tour with Torche in Norway, but nothing more is confirmed at the moment.

What other plans o you have with Wolves Like Us?
We wanna tour the US and more of the eastern European countries.

What message do you have for the people who support the band?
Rock your socks off!! And support your local record dealer.

Takk Espen, all the best! Cheers!
Thank you!

Interview Lectern

Interview with the Italian Death metal band, Lectern.

By Carla Morton


Hi guys, how are you?
Howdy! All okay, thank you!

When was Lectern born?
Fabio: In 1999 as a Death metal act. All we wanted at that time, was inspired by Florida bands of the early 90’s as the same is what we want now! The style we follow is death metal from the United States, nothing melodic or commercial. Yes, we’re European but I don’t like stuff like Dark Tranquillity you know. Great bands from our continent, come from Spain, France, England or Sweden like Avulsed, Loudlblast, Infestation and Unleashed. We are a sort of mix of brutal like Suffocation and classic death metal as early Deicide. Going back to the debate about how we felt in the 1990’s well, it was the time of flyers and demotapes. Today, you can be a musician simply at home, playing and recording on your chair in front of a monitor, as you press the record button. In the past century, there was a real playing attitude, you should go into a studio to record your stuff, no hard disk! Everything was still real, especially if to spare a lot of money, the band recorded live all the instruments. Riffs were written at rehearsals and arranged in countless months. You had no file sharing anyway! Other times, ya know! Really! Now we have Internet, You Tube views and shit like that. You are forced to be on the web and to like something always, just as a habit and not a real knowledge of things. Everything cannot be virtual, music isn’t that way!.
Pietro: Lectern were born in 1999 from an idea of Fabio and led the old school death metal directly from Florida.

You have released the first full length this year entitled “Fratricidal Concelebration”. What can you tell me about it?
Fabio: That kicks ass! But if I see the album with the eyes of one year after, well, it looks a little weaker for the guitar sound. The great job was made in production by Giuseppe Orlando at The Outer Sound Studios. I asked him some tricks, to have a great result, but I must admit that after all, it was the top we could reach one year ago!
Marco: It was my first recording experience, so it means a lot for me. It’s what came out from our minds and hands in months of work and shredding. It has a strong theological base along some kicking ass riffs.
Pietro: It was a unique record this album. We made many sacrifices, we fought a lot and in the end we put this monster out from the depths! This album includes everything you need to be known as death metal and I think any person who loves this kind of tunes, cannot be disappointed.

How were the reviews for the album?
Fabio: Pretty good! The underground is full of webzines and xerox paper which helped the band to have the right attention, also on the radio. We had a great trouble by censorship, bu now it’s passed. It’s time to play live a lot!
Marco: It has been well received and a lot of reviews focused a lot on my drumming and this actually surprised me if I think I did never played death metal since two years ago.
Pietro: They have been very positive in all sites where we have done a review, in fact some were a bit disappointed by the fact that some songs are very technical death metal. I do not see this great technique but I am glad that some people think so, after all we created this album to be old school and brutal death metal only.

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Interview: No Bros

Interview with No Bros.

By Carla Morton

NoBros 2015_2 (1)

Hello to you Andi, how have you been?
Fine, thank you. Just had NoBros rehearsals 2 days ago, but back to the interview.

The band was founded around 1974 but you have joined No Bros in 2008.
I am a Band Member since 2014. There we startet to record some songs. That happened in Vienna, at Freddy Gigele´s Studio and my Homestudio. But I know Klaus, who is the head of No Bros for a long time and we worked on some projects in the past. And there I played also some gigs for No Bros and also three songs (in the studio) of this big „Schubert in Rock“ project. On this CD (and the concert) have been musicians like, Don Airey (Purple), Doogie White (Rainbow), Marc Storace (Krokus), Neil Murray (Whitesnake), Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow, Malmsteen, Purple), Tony Martin (Black Sabbath), and so on.

Let’s talk about the new release, ”Metal Marines”.
Oh yes. The main work of the album happened in August this year. There we put all the songs together, played most of the studio tracks (guitars, bases, vocals, keyboards and so on…). Mixed it and sendet it for the final mix to the „planetm sound department“ studio. This is near Linz. Here also a big „thank you“ to Gery Moder and Martin Seimen. The Mastering of the Album was done by Robert Romagna.

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