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Tierkrieger released debut EP

American Blackened Death Metal band Tierkrieger released their debut EP “Tribulation Requiems”. The EP was recorded at “Sound Legion Audio” and mix/mastered by Travis Weickum.

https://tierkrieger.bandcamp. com/releases

Tierkrieger was formed in 2013 at Loveland, Colorado. With their unique sound they have carved a niche in the local scene playing with other greats like Sovereign (AZ), Ruines of Abbadon (CA), and Execration (CO).

“Bootlegs” inked a worldwide management deal with GlobMetal Promotions

Bootlegs  has inked a worldwide management deal with  GlobMetal Promotions. The band new album “Ekki fyrir viðkvæma” was released last year.


Bootlegs was one of the bigger names in Iceland Metal history at the end of last century, between 1986 – 1991, playing pure old – school unadulterated Thrash Metal. The band released 4 full length albums, and the band new album “Ekki fyrir viðkvæma” recieved many positive reviews from all over the world.