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BEERMACHT festival in Ukraine (Lviv)

Grand Sounds PR presents  BEERMACHT- Thrash & Speed metal festival in Ukraine (Lviv).

What bands you can see here: Січгарт, Zombie Attack, Reabilitator, Spit Bile, Spikers, Acid Terror, Anabios, Wojewonda.

Tickets: 5.2 EUR (doors), 3,5 EUR (pre-sale during April), 4,2 EUR (pre-sale during May)! To order tickets via internet please send message to alex@gs-promo.info. (PayPal accepted).


Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/840167636124498/

Video Interview: BloodBound Metal Fest 2014; Loreley, Germany


Video interview with Frederick and Tomas of Swedish Power Metal Act BloodBound at Metal Fest 2014, Loreley, Germany.


Video Interview: Sabaton Metal Fest 2014 Loreley, Germany

Joakim and Chris sit down with Skullbanger Media and we discuss Sabaton’s new album ‘Heroes’, their upcoming North American tour where they will travel to Tennessee for the first time and Sabaton playing BANJOS!!!

Music: Heavier Than Metal by Skullfist used with permission and all rights reserved