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Music Review: Shock CD: Once Denied

Music Review: Shock

CD: Once Denied

Label: Self-Released

Available: Now

Official Websites:

Promo video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1msfjgAylfg

Video for Slashing to Live – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrXXMfR9Q8s

Band website – www.shockmetal.ca


                Well it seems now that metal is a more accepted genre now in this day and age we are starting to see bands that may have popped on the scene in the 80’s for a moment, then disappear for whatever reason, only to now reappear and give us some new tunes or material they never had a chance to release.  I always think occurrences like these are interesting and lets us look back and see bands that may have had promise but due to certain events never got that ‘break’.  This brings us to the Canadian band Shock who formed in the mid-80’s and toured with the likes of Megadeth, Metal Church and Motorhead but was never able to get that big chance they needed.  So what did our ears miss in the 80’s that we get to hear now?  Great lost Metal classics? Or should we go stick our fingers in an electrical outlet for a shock instead?  Read on! Continue reading Music Review: Shock CD: Once Denied

KING DIAMOND Confirmed To Headline Metaldays 2013

KING DIAMOND has been confirmed as a headliner for MetalDays, which will take place July 21st – 27th, in Tolmin, Slovenia.

On the official Facebook of MetalDays, this post was made: “With great pride and joy we would like to announce the last MetalDays 2013 headliner. There comes King Diamond! One of the greatest and most influential musicians in heavy metal, with absolute and undisputed cult status will rule the stage on our metal holiday. King Diamond, who has been sitting on his throne for over three decades, will prove to you with his bombastic performance that his kingdom is eternal. The climax of this year’s MetalDays festival is an evening of first class heavy metal that could not be more spectacular and epic. Bow to the King!” Continue reading KING DIAMOND Confirmed To Headline Metaldays 2013

METAL CHURCH – Work On New Album Underway

METAL CHURCH singer Ronny Munroe has checked in with the following update:

“Working with Kurdt on vocal melodies for the new MC record. It’s gonna be great! Cheers…”

As previously reported, Metal Church had formally announced in 2009 that they were calling it quits but reunited last fall for the 70000 Tons Of Metal cruise.

“We’ve got plans,” Munroe reveals. “We’re going to start working on a new record and maybe do some festivals this summer. We’ll keep everyone posted as soon as we make up our minds on that. We wanted to see how this went, and it went very very well. Kurdt (Vanderhoof) has sent me a couple of things here and there, but it’s nothing really that has stuck yet. We pretty much stopped doing that to focus on (70000 Tons Of Metal). So when he gets back he’s got a few things to do, and then he’s going to bury his head in writing some new stuff. It’ll be phenomenal. He’s a great writer. I’m really looking forward to it.”

“Well time will tell,” Ronny replies when asked if this is a permanent reunion, “We’ll do a record, and we’re just not going to do things the way that we did before. We’re not 25 anymore, not saying that we’re old, but we need to do things the right way.”

“Everybody understands that this is a complicated business,” drummer Jeff Plate adds. “A lot of things had to fall into place. We gotta get a good record put together and done first, to be honest that’s the first thing. There’s a distance between some of the band members, but that’s really not so much of an issue. It’s really getting the music to the ears of the fans, in their hands and then getting with someone who can put us in the right environment, at the right show, working with the right band.”

Read more at Metalasfuck.net.

LOUDNESS To Be Rejoined By Singer MIKE VESCERA For Brazil’s LIVE N’ LOUDER Festival

Veteran Japanese metallers LOUDNESS will be rejoined by vocalist Mike Vescera (pictured below) for a special one-off performance on April 14 at the Live N’ Louder festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Although Vescera will sing the entire set with LOUDNESS at the event, he has no plans to permanently replace the band’s original frontman Minoru Niihara, who remains LOUDNESS‘ official vocalist after having rejoined the group in 2001.

Vescera joined LOUDNESS in 1988 following the firing of Niihara. In pursuit of greater commercial success with English-speaking audiences, Vescera and the rest of LOUDNESS recorded two albums, “Soldier Of Fortune” (1989) and “On The Prowl” (1991). However, the pairing did little to improve the band’s status in America and also took its toll on LOUDNESS‘ Japanese fan base. Vescera exited LOUDNESS (and joined Yngwie J. Malmsteen in 1993) during the group’s American tour in 1991 and was eventually replaced by EZO vocalist Masaki Yamada.

Vescera rose to metal popularity at the age of 18 years old as the legendary vocalist of the band OBSESSION. A classically trained pianist, Mike chose the path of a metal frontman instead of Julliard.

In recent years, Mike Vescera has gained a reputation in the business as being a masterful producer and engineer working from his studio The Toy Room, which was located in the hills of Connecticut just outside of New York. A few years ago the studio moved to Nashville, where Mike now makes his home. The studio is second to none, utilizing state-of-the-art software and technology to achieve unrivaled flexibility and dimension of sound. It holds both major-label and small-budget accounts serving all styles of music. It also holds major network voice-over accounts for several popular shows.

Mike continues to front OBSESSION and ANIMETAL USA, the American counterpart to ANIMETAL, the Japanese heavy metal band which specialized in metal covers of popular Japanese anime/tokusatsu theme songs.