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Music Review: Mausoleum Gate Album: Into A Dark Divinity


By: TJ Fowler

Available: September 2017

Label: Cruz Del Sur Music

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There is traditional heavy metal then there is REALLY TRADITIONAL heavy metal.  By this I mean bands that sprung up in the mid to late 70’s before NWOBHM hit the scene in the 80’s.  So basically you have a hybrid of sound that is a mixture of mysticism, folk, 70’s hard rock and proto-80’s metal.  If you still are wondering what kind of sound I am talking about think a bit of Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull and a whole lot of Manilla Road.  If you know these bands then you will know what to expect from Finland’s Mausoleum Gate…just a little bit darker in tone. Continue reading Music Review: Mausoleum Gate Album: Into A Dark Divinity

Music Review: Gygax CD: Critical Hits



Available: January, 22, 2016

Label: Creator-Destructor Records

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What do you get when you mix in some Thin Lizzy, Manilla Road, April Wine, Dungeons and Dragons and odd shaped dice?  Well you get Gygax and their album ‘Critical Hits’ and by the cursed hand of Vecna does it blast forth hymns of classic rock that Demogorgon could head bang both his baboon heads to. Continue reading Music Review: Gygax CD: Critical Hits