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CONCERT PHOTOS: Lost Society 2016; Tavastia Club; Helsinki

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Concert Report: EXODUS & LOST SOCIETY; Seinäjoki, Finland 2016


Report by: Samuli Keskitalo

Photos by: Anneli Keski-Petäjä PhotographySamuli Keskitalo Photography See more photos at their sites linked above.


Thrash metal is one of those genres I started to listening to first when I got into metal music. Anyway, I haven’t been to a pure thrash metal show for awhile, and somehow I’ve missed all those Exodus shows in Finland during the last few years. Rob Dukes has been the vocalist in Exodus during these times but with the newest record Steve Souza came back to Exodus. Steve ”Zetro” Souza, who sings on the Blood In Blood Out record is as good and rageful as he was on the old records and he is my favorite singer in Exodus. I was very glad to have had a chance now to see Exodus with him on vocals. Their Blood In Blood Out European Tour started a few weeks ago and after the shows in the UK and in other northern countries they landed in Finland. Continue reading Concert Report: EXODUS & LOST SOCIETY; Seinäjoki, Finland 2016