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Interview Libria

Interview with Marianna Alfieri (vocals, guitar player) about the metal band Libria.


Hi Marianna, how are you?
Hi Carla, I’m fine, thank you!

When was Libria formed?
The project Libria was formed in 2010 during the most distressing and painful period of my life. I started composing music and elaborating the concept, while I was trying to get out of that hard situation. Therefore, the gestation of Libria accompained, witnesses and helped this “rebirth”.

You have released the debut album in 2013 via WormHoleDeath records entitled ”Immortal Daughter of Aesthenics”, tell me a about it.
I composed ”Immortal Daughter Of Aesthetics” by myself; the music, arrangements, lyrics, concept, artwork. Some musicians and friends helped me recording the album: Fabio Palombi, co-producer, recorded vocals, drums (played by Massimo Marandino) and worked on the final mix in his BlackWave Studio (Genova- Italy); Elena Alice Fossi and Alessia Cavalieri recorded some additional vocals in “Dies Natalis”; Francesca Dardani recorded the whole violin scores. The album was mastered by Tommy Talamanca at Nadir Studio in Genova- Italy.

Are you going to release new stuffs soon?
After the release of ”Immortal Daughter of Aesthenics”, I experienced a strong sense of “emptyness”: I exhausted all the energies ,creativity and inspiration. I needed a new lymph to breath in  a new way, different from the past. I entered a new musical dimension, far from anything I ever listened to in my life. This artistic transition still lasts and I don’t know how and when I will release a second album for Libria. Anyway, the first album of a new project will be released very very soon… I cannot give details yet, but stay tuned, because I’m sure it is a very interesting stuff…

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