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Music Review: Free Fall CD: Power and Volume

Music Review: Free Fall

CD: Power and Volume

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Available: Now

by: TJ Fowler




If I was a great heavy metal chef and I could take ingredients of different bands and mix them together to come up with delicious heavy metal dishes then Free Fall would be one of my main dishes.  When you take a big portion of Bon Scott AC/DC, a sprinkle of Led Zeppelin, just a pinch of Blackie Lawless from W.A.S.P. and a whole lot of salty 70’s hard rock, you get served up Free Fall. Continue reading Music Review: Free Fall CD: Power and Volume

IRON MAIDEN Classic Performed By Harp Duo (Video)

Identical twins Camille and Kennerly Kitt have covered the IRON MAIDEN classic “Fear Of The Dark” as an electric duet harp arrangement. Check it out in the YouTube clip below.

Camille and Kennerly said: “Audio recording = No studio or sound engineer. No splices, edits, loops, overlays, or backtracks. Just two harps — one audio take!”

Known as the “harp twins,” Camille and Kennerly perform internationally as a dynamic acoustic and electric rock harp duo.

As the world’s only known identical twin professional harpists, Camille and Kennerly have a passion and flair for arranging and performing contemporary music for harp duet.

Camille and Kennerly are known for their remarkable duet harp arrangements of songs by artists such as GUNS N’ ROSES, LED ZEPPELIN, METALLICA, AEROSMITH, AC/DC, DEEP PURPLE and many more. The twins also arrange and perform a jukebox of Broadway, video game, TV and movie soundtrack hits. In addition to being prolific arrangers, Camille and Kennerly compose and perform their own original pieces for harp duet.

Camille and Kennerly began posting harp duet music videos of their rock-pop cover arrangements on YouTube several years ago. The twins have since acquired over 6.3 million total views on their videos in addition to amassing a large worldwide following of their music.