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Lazy Bonez Release Tribute Video in Memory of Pecu Cinnari.

Finnish rock group release a tribute video for former band mate Pecu Cinnari who passed away in 2016,  The song, First to Go,  features Marco Hietala and Udo Dirkscheider on vocals and showcases the highlights of Pecu’s musical life.




VIDEO INTERVIEW: Tommi Salmela of Lazy Bonez


I sit and talk with lead singer Tommi Salmela of Finnish rock band Lazy Bonez about their upcoming album ‘Alive’. We discuss how the band has grown musically since their first album ‘Vol. 1’, how songwriting is done and the great guest musicians on this album such as Bernie Shaw and Tony Martin.

Purchase ‘Alive’ at: http://www.recordshopx.com/artist/lazy_bonez/alive/

Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/LazyBonezOfficial/

Music Review: Lazy Bonez CD: Alive


Available: September, 25th 2015

Label: Independent

Official Websites:



Have you ever wondered what the 90’s rock music would have sounded like if the grunge movement never took off in popularity and what some of the bands coming out of the Sunset Strip era of the late 80’s would have evolved into?  Then Lazy Bonez’s ‘Alive’ is probably a pretty good example of what music and bands from that alternate timeline would sound like today.  With a bit of a European touch of course and more maturity. Continue reading Music Review: Lazy Bonez CD: Alive

PHOTOS: Lazy Bonez performing at Henry’s Pub in Kuopio, Finland


VIDEO INTERVIEW: Lazy Bonez at Henry’s Pub in Kuopio, Finland


I recently got to interview Kuopio’ Finland’s Lazy Bonez which consists of member from Tarot and other Finnish metal bands.  We discuss their upcoming tour with UDO, Udo’s guest appearance on the album and who was responsible for their cover of Lady Gaga’s ‘Poker Face’

Great interview with some cool guys.  Check it out below!