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Interview Kilmara

Interview Kilmara, melodic metal band from Spain.


Hello Daniel, how are you? Introduce the band and when was it formed?
Cheers Carla! Doing great thanks. Kilmara are: Javi Morillo on drums, Didac Pla on bass, John Portillo and Kike Torres on guitars, and myself (Daniel Ponce) on vocals. The band was formed in the early 2000’s first as Jadde and then changed name to Kilmara.

 You guys are preparing a new album?
That’s right, we are currently working with our brand new line up on the composition of our next album which we will try to record by the end of this year with our friend and producer Roland Grapow.

Latest release of yours is ”Love Songs And Other Nightmares”. Talk about it a few things.
It was released in 2014 via Sony Music, and for the band, it was their second chance recording in Slovakia at Grapow studios with Roland at the helm. Truly an incredible experience! Also it has meant the greatest sales success for the band and from it, came Kilmara’s first ever professional video clip from the song Cold Rain. And also many of the bands live hits are from that album. So a really important record for us indeed…

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Music Review: Kilmara: CD: Love Songs and Other Nightmares


By: Scott Foster

Label: Sony Music

Available: April 8, 2014

Official Websites







“Alright man..this might wash the bad taste out of your mouth from the last band.” Well, that review is a couple behind me, but yeah, anything to help me forget is welcome. So let’s give Kilmara a listen, shall we? A melodic metal band from Spain and Germany; should be fun. Continue reading Music Review: Kilmara: CD: Love Songs and Other Nightmares