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Paramount Sets Release Date for the Next Friday the 13th Movie

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Jason Lives! Paramount have set a release date for the next Friday the 13th movie, notes Exhibitor Relations via their TwitterPamela Voorhees‘ beloved son will be back in theaters on Friday, March 13th, 2015 in all his hockey-masked glory.

No other details have been revealed yet about the film, including a writer or director, though ShockTillYouDrop notes Platinum Dunes, who produced the 2009 remake, will again produce.

Friday the 13th: The Complete Collection Blu-ray Review

That 2009 film was a notable success, which made it a surprise when a sequel failed to quickly materialize. However, it seemed one hold up was the complicated rights issues involved. New Line (who in turn are now part of Warner Bros.) had taken over the franchise from the ninth film on, but the decision to make a remake brought Paramount back in as a co-producer, as they still held rights on the original film, having released the first eight Friday the 13th movies. This left the potential sequel a Paramount/Warner Bros. co-production… until a few months ago, when a “only in Hollywood” scenario hadParamount getting back the rights to make and release the next Friday the 13th movie on their own (and a new South Park movie!) as part of the deal that brought Warner Bros. in as a partner on Christopher Nolan’s next film, Interstellar. Paramount only retains the Friday the 13th rights to themselves for the next five years though, and now we know they are moving forward to get the next film out.

What’s still unclear is what the storyline of this film is or how it will connect to the rest of the series. Is it a sequel to the 2009 film? Is there any possibility, however unlikely, that it could revert to the original continuity? Is it another reboot and could it be the rumoredfound footage scenario?

Including the remake and Freddy vs. Jason, the next film will be very notable as the 13th movie in the Friday the 13th franchise. That alone will make it an event, but for now, fans are left to ponder what else might go into making this movie stand out as something special among the many lives of Jason Voorhees



Next Friday the 13th to Go Found Footage?


The good folks behind Friday the 13th are reportedly thinking about making the next horror installment a found footage movie. Continue reading Next Friday the 13th to Go Found Footage?

New Friday the 13th Film in the Works?

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We heard back in June that Paramount was (supposedly) partnering up with Platinum Dunes to bring us another FRIDAY THE 13th movie; this after the news that Paramount had retrieved the rights to the franchise from New Line Cinema. We haven’t been privy to any further news, but today brings us an interesting morsel of information… possibly. Continue reading New Friday the 13th Film in the Works?

Los Angeles! See The First Four ‘Friday The 13th’ Films On The Big Screen!!!

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Love the Friday The 13th franchise? Live in Los Angeles? Come join me on Friday, September 13th at the Aero Theater in Santa Monica for a marathon of the first four films in the series! As you guys know, I’m very passionate about this franchise so I’m very excited to be hosting and doing intros for each of the 4 films. Continue reading Los Angeles! See The First Four ‘Friday The 13th’ Films On The Big Screen!!!

BREAKING: Paramount Pictures Lands ‘Friday the 13th’ License! Jason Voorhees Will Return!!!!

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How Batman and Christopher Nolan saved the Friday the 13th franchise, for now…

One of the biggest hold-ups to a sequel to the 2009 remake of Friday the 13th was that there were just too many hands in the pot. Just yesterday I was talking with a few colleagues about how we won’t see the return of Jason Voorhees until someonelets up – whether it be Paramount or New Line/Warner Bros. Pictures. After years of fan tears, breaking news comes out of the Hollywood Reporter who writes that Paramount Pictures has officially landed the franchise rights, which also include Jason Voorhees and his likeness. This is major news as we should expect a sequel to get back on fast-track immediately. Continue reading BREAKING: Paramount Pictures Lands ‘Friday the 13th’ License! Jason Voorhees Will Return!!!!