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Intro: At the moment, he is probably known being active with the Italian trio dark wave act, NON.
ANDREA ZANZA, who decided to release solo album aswell, album that gave me, somehow, goosebumps and I was filled with emotions. I have talked with him before about NON, and seems to be the same story, a cinematic music, full of emotions and something personal.

 I was very surprised by your solo album. As told you before, you should really start making music for movies, because the sound of your music is very cinematic…!
Ok, I’m available, if any director or producer wants to offer me some work, I’m on the market!

“Dormire Sonni Tranquilli”, first, how do we translate it?
I guess the best translation could be “Sleep Peacefully”.


Tell me about the story behind this album.
Let’s say that it was an inner and personal need that pushed me to compose and publish this record, it was an idea that I had for a long time but I had to wait for the right moment to do it.

It’s a lot of, I would say, passion, feelings, something personal that you’re composing and reflecting in your music. This is what I hear in your music, emotions. Am I right?
Well, I think so. It’s an album that reflect my personality, even because i’ve composed and arrange the songs on my own, and except for the drum, the bass and the flute i’v played all the instruments and i don’t know if it’s good or not but this certainly makes it more personal.

And a mix of elements: dark wave, electronic, indie, synths, psychedelic, it’s a cocktail of elements…
Yes, and I also think folk music and italians songwriter’s typical elements. I listen to many different kind of music but the most important thing to me is that at in the end I have to make my personal kind of music.

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INTERVIEW: David DeFeis of Virgin Steele

BY: TJ Fowler

Virgin Steele Official Facebook:



Skullbanger Media: First I want to say thank you David for the opportunity to allow me to ask some questions about Virgin Steele and yourself for my site Skullbanger Media. I want to first say I am a newcomer as a fan.  Years ago I heard your song Wings of Vengeance but never looked deeper until just recently.  After doing so I was really impressed with not only your songwriting and vocal range but the sincerity you put forth in your songs and performances.  It was really refreshing to see someone be as passionate as you are in doing something that I can tell you truly love.  Could you maybe go into a bit of your history with music, what inspires you and when you realized this was your passion? Continue reading INTERVIEW: David DeFeis of Virgin Steele

Interview: Shiraz Lane (By Anneli Keski-Petäjä, in Finnish)


Shiraz Lane on nouseva suomalainen hard rock -bändi, joka on kerennyt kiertää esimerkiksi Reckless Loven ja Santa Cruzin kanssa. Bändiä on ylistetty niin kriitikoiden, kuin muidenkin muusikoiden osalta. Shiraz Lane perustettiin vuonna 2011 laulaja Hannes Kettin ja rumpali Ana Willmanin toimesta. Myöhemmin bändiin liittyivät kitaristit Jani ja Miki ja viimeisimpänä basisti Joel. Skullbanger Media pääsi haastattelemaan Hannesta ja Joelia niin levyn teosta, kuin keikkailunkin tiimoilta.

Shiraz Lanen depyyttilevy ”For Crying Out Loud” ilmestyi maailmanlaajuisesti tämän vuoden huhtikuussa italialaisen Frontiers Music -yhtiön kautta. Samainen lafka on julkaissut aikaisemmin suurten nimien musiikkia, kuten Uriah Heep, Primal Fear, Toto ja Whitesnake. Viime vuonna bändin ollessa Oulun Qstockissa, ilmoitti bändin manageri Heta Hyttinen ilouutisista: levytyssopimus oli varmistunut. Myöskin materiaalin oli määrä olla valmis vuoden loppuun mennessä.

-Aikalailla loka- ja joulukuu meni intensiivisesti levyä tehdessä ja miksaus hoidettiin tammikuun aikana, Joel kertoo. Continue reading Interview: Shiraz Lane (By Anneli Keski-Petäjä, in Finnish)

AUDIO INTERVIEW: Destruction Frontman Schmier Talks New Album, Donald Trump and State of the World

In a very candid and insightful interview, Destruction frontman Schmier sits and talks with Skullbanger Media about the band’s new album Under Attack due out May 13th, the different lyrical themes on this album than previous Destruction albums, some Donald Trump and the state of the world today.

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Steve N’ Seagulls; Nashville, Tennessee at the High Watt 2015

Music: Heavier Than Metal by Skullfist. Used with permission.

Melody sits and talks with Finnish band Steve N Seagulls and talks with the band about their debut album ‘Farm Machine’ and discusses the band’s US tour, covering metal songs with bluegrass instruments and how irritating trains in Tennessee are!