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Concert Review: Children of Bodom; Seinäjoki, Finland 10-12-15



Report by: Samuli Keskitalo

Photos by: Anneli Keski-Petäjä & Samuli Keskitalo

When we’re talking about big Finnish heavy metal bands, which are certainly going to be in the top of the charts in the world everytime they put out a new record, you can name Children Of Bodom on your list. Playing at the biggest festivals, selling many records and many sold-out shows and tours. Now again is the time for another tour with a brand new record, called I Worship Chaos. And yes, it is at the top of the charts in many countries of the world, again. This time the situation about the tour was a little different on the guitar sections, because Roope Latvala, who has been part of the band more than ten years, suddenly left the band. Children Of Bodom made the new album as a four-piece-group and for the tour they took Antti Wirman to play the guitar parts. I have always been a fan of Roope, so the decision they made felt at first a little sad to me, but it’s part of the music business that sometimes groups break up and there’s a new member to replace them. And now, when I saw Antti insted of Roope on the stage, I was fine and good with it. Antti is a brother of Janne Wirman,  so it is a good choice for a replacement, because this guy is well-known to the band. Continue reading Concert Review: Children of Bodom; Seinäjoki, Finland 10-12-15