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Movie Review: DEATHGASM



BY: TJ Fowler

                ‘DETHGASM!  Because lower case is for Pussies!’ And that is the kind of the main ideology for the movie DEATHGASM. It’s go big or go home.  At its heart, DEATHGASM is a horror movie for metal fans by metal fans that embrace both the good…and admittedly bad aspects of the metal genre.  But for all the clichés that DEATHGASM embraces about heavy metal they do so in such a way that you can’t help but love this film both for its love of metal and its love of horror. Continue reading Movie Review: DEATHGASM

Music Review: In Defence CD: Don’t Fuck With The Dungeon Master

IN DEFENCE - cover

BY: TJ Fowler

Label: Independent

Available: NOW

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Have you been waiting for that band that has the humor of Tankard and the musical sensibilities of Exodus?!!  We neither have I but that is what I got with In Defense’s ‘Don’t Fuck with the Dungeon Master’.

When I first saw this album pop up in my promos I was immediately curious about it as I have always been a casual Dungeons & Dragons player and the cover looked pretty insane.  So I was like, ok let’s give this baby a spin.  And I have to say I am really happy I did.  What a great thrash album mixed with a blue collar ‘dude’ humor. Continue reading Music Review: In Defence CD: Don’t Fuck With The Dungeon Master

A NOT SO Music Review: Alestorm CD: Sunset on the Golden Age


Available: August 1st, 2014 Europe

Label: Napalm Records

Official Websites: 



Skullbanger T: Hey there everybody!  Skullbanger T here for Skullbanger Media and we are proud to present to you the FIRST Heavy Metal Commentator Music Review in the style of Wide World of Sports!  That’s Right Folks!  My co-host, Aleksander von Superschwanz, and myself will be giving in depth and insightful reviews of your favorite metal bands…play by play style!  It’s like Monday Night Football…but not. Continue reading A NOT SO Music Review: Alestorm CD: Sunset on the Golden Age

Video Interview with Bobby ‘Blitz’ Ellsworth of Overkill in Helsinki, Finland

Skullbanger Media

Bobby ‘Blitz’ Ellsworth sits down with Skullbanger.net to discuss the bands first ever headlining tour in Finland.  We discuss the reason behind the tour, the new album ‘The Electric Age’ and the differences in setlists between America and Europe.

Great guy to chat with and awesome guy all around…we even have a brief appearance from D.D. telling me not to listen to anything Bobby has to say!

Thanks again to Silke and Nuclear Blast Records for the interview opportunity!

‘The Electric Age’ is out now and can purchased at all music outlets.

Official Websites: