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Rarely is there a film outside the bombastic Hollywood Action /IMAX experience I feel a need to see in the cinema.  After having seen the trailer some months ago, I was almost surprised to see “A Cure For Wellness” was getting a showing in the big Cinema here in Kuopio, as I was under the assumption that it may be too experimental for their regular programming. For many films I have interest in viewing, I do my best to avoid reviews, spoilers and sometimes even the trailer.  My self imposed rule also applies to bands I am planning to see of which I have never previously heard of.  The element of surprise conjoined with a fresh mind clear of any bias always makes for a lasting impression – whether positive or negative.  This last Thursday I met up with the owner of Skullbanger Magazine to accompany him in the 2 hour and 30 minute evening screening after having spent a long day in town amidst heavy snowfall.  Continue reading A CURE FOR WELLNESS REVIEW by Rachael Kozak

Concert Report: Fable Cry; Exit/In-Nashville, Tennessee August 11, 2016

Report and Photos by: Melody Ryan


Sitting in the dark balcony at Exit/In, I looked down at the cobwebs that had formed in the cracks of the rafters, and I noticed a creepy crawly little cockroach walking along the ledge. I thought, “How appropriate… he must have come out for the show tonight.”

My new friend disappeared into the shadows, probably to get a better view of Fable Cry who was now taking the stage. A fantastically freaky, spectacularly spooky group of individuals, Fable Cry resides in music city itself and shines brightly like a full moon, casting a ghastly glow over a town that is deeply saturated in music.

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AUDIO INTERVIEW: Zach Ferrin of Horror/Scamp band Fable Cry; Video ‘Dead or Alive’ included at end of article


I sit and talk to Zach Ferrin, front man of the Horror/Scamp band Fable Cry based out of Nashville, Tennessee. We go over the unique styles of the band ranging from their musical style, influences from horror and their visual aspects.

Find out more about Fable Cry from the following Links:

Dead or Alive Music Video

Featured Artist and Video: Fable Cry; Video in Description





Theatrical scamp rock group Fable Cry recently released their sophomore album, We’ll Show You Where the Monsters Are. Already featured on premiere horror and music sites alike, including Rue Morgue, Fangoria, Horror Society, Bloody-Disgusting, PopMatters and The Deli Magazine, to name a few, Fable Cry forging a clever path.. “If it’s originality you want, you can count on them to be there with bells on. Delivering a raucous live experience, it’s no wonder Fable Cry is gaining the affection and attention of a growing number of loyal fans and listeners” (In Case of Fire, Use Stairs). Continue reading Featured Artist and Video: Fable Cry; Video in Description