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JIMI HENDRIX Earns Highest-Charting Album In 44 Years

JIMI HENDRIX’ new archival album, People, Hell and Angels, has debuted at No. 2 on the US Billboard 200 chart selling 72,000 copies. It marks Hendrix’ highest-charting album since 1968, when Electric Ladyland spent two weeks at No. 1. Hendrix most recently visited the top 10 of the chart when another from-the-vaults album, 2010’s Valleys of Neptune, debuted and peaked at No. 4.

All 12 tracks on People, Hell & Angels were recorded between 1968 and 1970 and were meant for First Days Of The New Rising Sun, the follow up to Electric Ladyland that Hendrix was working on when he passed away in 1970.

People, Hell & Angels features the following unearthed tracks:
‘Earth Blues’
‘Hear My Train A Comin”
‘Bleeding Heart’
‘Let Me Move You’
‘Easy Blues’
‘Crash Landing’
‘Inside Out’
‘Hey Gypsy Boy’
‘Mojo Man’
‘Villanova Junction Blues’

Music Review: High Priest of Saturn CD: High Priest of Saturn

Music Review: High Priest of Saturn

CD: High Priest of Saturn

Label: Svart Records

Available: March 22nd 2013

By: TJ Fowler

The thing with Doom Metal bands is that you get your money’s worth in terms of song length with them.  This is no different with High Priest of Saturn’s debut album.  You have 4 songs that all click in at 9 minutes or over and offer a listener a very eclectic and trippy style of music.

What I gathered from listening to these tunes was a very 60’s/70’s psychedelic/stoner type rock with what appeared to be almost like a stream of consciousness type vibe.  Within this Norwegian trio’s 4 songs you will find a music that will attempt to subdue your high cognitive senses and take you on a trip of surreal and metaphysical proportions.  The album reminds me of a something you pop in at a party of stoners or a cult ritual, turn the lights down low, drop acid, and find a dark corner to hide in and be swept away on whatever journey the music wants to take you while who knows what other shit is going on around you.

An interesting thing I noticed about the female singer is that she sounded very much like Grace Slick from Jefferson Airplane which I felt suited this psychedelic mind altering music along with the background ambience and chants you hear throughout the cd’s run.  I would actually be interested in this band’s take on some of the Jefferson Airplane’s tunes such as ‘White Rabbit’.

Being someone who has never partook in illegal pharmaceuticals I feel listening to High Priest of Saturn could be the closest thing to experiencing such an effect of drugs without actually taking them.  If you are someone who does partake in such social hobbies then you might well become a new Doom disciple of the High Priest of Saturn.

Rating: 2.75/5

High Priest of Saturn are:

Merethe Heggset – Bass Guitar and Voice

Martin Sivertsen – Guitar

Andreas Hagen – Guitar and Drums



1: Protean Towers

2: Kraken Mare

3: Crawling King Snake

4: On Mayda Insula