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Interview: Hellraiser

Interview with Rik Perugini, drummer of the Italian Speed/Heavy metal band, Hellraiser.

By Carla Morton


Hi Rick, how things are going?
Hi Carla, first of all thank you for this interview, we appreciate it. Things are going very well. Always rushing between work and commitments of the band. We never stop!

Tell me when Hellraiser was formed.
Hellraiser was created by our guitarist,Michele Brozzi with a different line up from the current one and proposed a vast repertoire of covers of the greatest artists of Havy metal. After various line-up changes,more or less in 2010 we had a lot of ideas and the desire to create our music, so we decided to work to release an album.

Last year you have released the debut album under the name of “Revenge of The Phoenix”, tell me about it.
Well, this album is a mix of all our influences. You can find songs lauding the new wave of British heavy metal, power with prog and thrash. We had very many ideas and many riffs work on. It was tough but surely everybody can see the result. Not having any kind of contact with music professionals we mutually decided self-produce the album. Immediately after the release party we had an incredible calendar of gigs. Within three months we have done something like 20 concerts gaining appreciations and increasingly positive notes about the album. Sequentially to the album we came in contact with Sliptrick records it proved immediately very concerned about what “Revenge of the Phoenix” is. After several contacts and feedback with them we entered into collaboration. For us it was a small achievement but definitely just the beginning of a new path.

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