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Music Review: Crazy Lixx Album: Ruff Justice


In today’s world there are so many ways of discovering new bands and metal without having to rely on the opinions of a major media outlet, i.e. MTV.  Now with everything so interconnected with the internet and technology a person can seek out, and in my case, get lucky and stumble upon cool bands by pure accident while enjoying a cool new video game.

The band I speak of is Crazy Lixx. A glam/hard rock outfit coming out of Sweden that if a person didn’t know better, would think they were a band that literally came out of the 80’s since they re-create that Sunset Strip glam rock sound so well.  The video game I speak of is the new Friday the 13th The Game which was recently released by Gun Media.  Both Crazy Lixx and Gun Media paired up to make some music to be included in the game that can be heard when camp counselors turn on radios to distract or trick Jason, before they get their head chopped off.  The main song the band contributed to the game is ‘XIII’ which is fantastic and really captures the feel for the game and the movies it was based on.  In fact if you have seen Friday the 13th: Jason Lives and heard Alice Cooper’s ‘He’s Back, the Man Behind the Mask’ Then you will know kind of what to expect from this song.  There are also two other songs included on Ruff Justice that are based around the F13 theme, these are ‘Killer’ and ‘Live Before I Die’.  Both of which are excellent songs.  ‘XIII’ and ‘Live Before I Die’ are more fast paced songs while ‘Killer’ is more slow tempo. Continue reading Music Review: Crazy Lixx Album: Ruff Justice


Music Review: Testament Album: Brotherhood of the Snake



Available: October 28th, 2016

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Official Websites:



               Anyone who has been a metal fan for very long, know well the influence of Testament on the genesis of thrash metal coming out of San Francisco.  Through the years Testament have went through a few style changes such as in the 90’s when the band dabbled a bit in the death metal style vocals.  A few years ago the band released ‘Dark Roots of Earth’ this is when the band seemed to again transform itself again…into a true heavy metal juggernaut.  The band sounded fresh, heavy and relevant.  Continue reading Music Review: Testament Album: Brotherhood of the Snake

CONCERT REVIEW: Jalometalli 2016, Oulu, Finland (in Finnish)



Teksti ja kuvat: Samuli Keskitalo

Oulun Jalometalli on monelle raskaan musiikin ystävälle Suomessa yksi kesän kohokohdista. Kaksipäiväinen festari on keskittynyt tarjoamaan metallimusiikkia laidasta laitaan, ja hyvin isona osana jokaista vuotta on ollut tuoda Suomeen täällä harvemmin vierailleita yhtyeitä. Tällä kertaa pääesiintyjät eivät olleet kuitenkaan syvimmistä syövereistä kaivetut: Suomessa useasti vieraillut ja maailmaa tasaisesti valloittava Sabaton tähditti ensimmäistä päivää, kun taas toisena päivänä yksi thrash metallin isoimmista nimistä, Anthrax. Muista ulkomaalaissävyistä vastasi muun muassa At The Gates ja Exumer, ja paikallista tarjontaa Oulun suunnalta yhtyeet kuten Kalmah sekä Temple Balls. Jalometalli teki vuosi sitten paluun juurilleen palaten takaisin Kuusisaareen, joka toimi näyttämönä tänäkin vuonna. Kaipuuhuutoja entisen Club Teatrian pihalle voi vieläkin kuulla, mutta mielestäni nykyinen pelipaikka hoitaa asiansa varsin hyvin.
Continue reading CONCERT REVIEW: Jalometalli 2016, Oulu, Finland (in Finnish)

Music Review: GosT CD: Behemoth


BY: TJ Fowler

Available: April 28th, 2015

Label: Blood Music

Official Websites:




            Running a heavy metal website I have to be selective in what music I review on the site as obviously I can’t start reviewing Katy Perry albums…or want to.  However on rare occasions I will make an exception if I think the music in some way can fit into a metal/horror them.  The previous such occasions has been the Slovenian Folk/Punk/Rock band Happy Ol’ McWeasel’s ‘No Offense’ and the Horror/Synth band Perterbator’s ‘Dangerous Days’.  On these rare occasions I have been extremely pleased with what those acts had to offer and this will be my third foray reviewing an artist that a metal website might normally avoid.  The artist is GosT with their debut album ‘Behemoth’. Continue reading Music Review: GosT CD: Behemoth

Justin Bieber to Release Metal Album in 2015; Cites Influences

The Most Black, The Most Ever


Press releases have come in today from Justin Bieber’s management and label Def Jam records stating the teen pop star is now wanting to branch out and explore other musical genres and spread his creative wings.  The statement can be read below, Continue reading Justin Bieber to Release Metal Album in 2015; Cites Influences