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CONCERT REVIEW: Insomnium & Swallow The Sun, Seinäjoki, Finland 14.10.2016 (in Finnish)


Teksti: Samuli Keskitalo
Valokuvat: Samuli Keskitalo & Anneli Keski-Petäjä

Insomnium on itselleni bändi, jonka otteet ovat parantuneet tasaiseen tahtiin levy levyltä. Uunituoreella Winter’s Gate -täysipitkällä soitto ja laulu alkavat olla lähellä huippuunsa hioutunutta timanttia – etenkin, kun levyn eeppistä 40 minuutin mittaista ainoaa kappaletta siivittää mukaansatempaava viikinkitarina. Tarina juontaa juurensa vajaan kymmenen vuoden takaiseen yhtyeen basistilaulaja Niilo Seväsen kirjoittamaan Talven portti -novelliin. Kunnianhimoiset suunnitelmat kannatti, ja Insomnium piti lupauksensa soittaa kappaleen kokonaisuudessaan palattuaan takaisin esiintymislavoille uuden levyn tiimoilta.
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Elderly IRON MAIDEN Fans Get Harassment Charge With ‘Afraid To Shoot Strangers’ Revenge

According to The Local, an 81-year-old man and his 71-year-old wife grew so tired of the noises emanating from their neighbour that they took revenge by booming IRON MAIDEN at top volume.

The couple now face a charge of harassment for their late night heavy metal music habits, according to a report in the Aftonbladet daily.

“The harassment has just carried on, I am completely broken down. How can I keep living here,” the neighbour said in police interviews.

The noisy dispute continued throughout the winter with the pensioners booming music from their terraced house in the Stockholm area until as late as 4am, the newspaper reported.

The police were moved to act and arrived at the house to find that the elderly couple had placed a music system on the balcony, pointed at the neighbour and playing Iron Maiden’s ‘Afraid To Shoot Strangers’ at top volume.

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Running Wild’s Rolf Kasparek working on new songs for the Upcoming Running Wild Album!

Last year we were treated with a new album from Running Wild in the form of Shadowmaker, which was a nice surprise since Running Wild called it quits in 2009.  It seems Rolf is eager to give the fans a new RW album this year as well.  Below is a statement from the Running Wild Facebook page.

Via: Running Wild’s Official Facebook Page

“Rolf finished working on a few songs for the upcoming RUNNING WILD album already and is currently working on a few more ideas. What stories and themes will be available this time? What do you expect from the new album?”

As for what I would like from a new RW album, as I have been a big Running Wild Fan for many many years, is that we have more energetic songs, memorable riffs and melodies throughout the album.  The last few albums such as the Brotherhood, Rouges En Vouge and Shadowmaker all had a few tracks that had the classic RW sound but were outnumbered by the songs that lacked an indentity.  I think instead of writing 10-12 songs with only maybe 3 being true classics, as a fan I would e happy with 8-9 well written songs Rolf can take his time with since he and Peter Jordan are the only two members that work with the band.  So in other words, don’t spread yourself so thin Rolf!

Also it would be nice to see…A TOUR!!!!!


Russia’s SYMBOL OF EIGHT Ink Deal With GlobMetal Promotions; New Single Streaming

Russian death/thrash metal band SYMBOL OF EIGHT has inked a worldwide management deal with GlobMetal Promotions. The band has recently released their new single ‘Nuclear Holocaust’ which will be followed by a new debut EP by the end of 2013 and GlobMetal Promotions are going to help the band spread the album around the world.

Max Fedorov (guitarist) commented: “We are glad to cooperate with a team of professionals namely GlobMetal Promotions. We are looking forward to future achievements, I think together we could make it.”

‘Nuclear Holocaust’ can be heard streaming below: