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Grave Digger Heavy Metal Breakdown!

Grave Digger on entertaim.net

Cologne. Legendary Grave Digger are still alive and touring Germany and soon some further foreign countries – 17 albums starting with Heavy Metal Breakdown. entertaim.net talked to mastermind and singer Chris Boltendahl about the tour plans for 2013, his activities as a painter, sobriety and future plans …

Interview/Translation: Dennis Rowehl / Pic by courtesy of Grave Digger

entertaim.net: Hi Chris, 33 years of Grave Digger and you just played some successful shows. Respect! In the meantime you had a bad cold. This must be terrible especially for the singer?

Chris Bolteldahl: Fortunately I was not hoarse and because of my special vocal technique I never had problems in the past with my profession as a singer.

entertaim.net: Lots of singers don’t even scheduled interviews right before a show neither drink a beer …

Chris: Actually I also don’t drink a beer … just because I don’t drink…

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