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CONCERT REVIEW: Kamelot; Seinäjoki, Rytmikorjaamo 2.10.2015


By: Samuli Keskitalo

Photos by: Anneli Keski-Petäjä and Samuli Keskitalo

”Watching the world through the eyes of a child in Elysium… will I know you then?” What could be better start for the weekend, other than a Kamelot concert at friday night? Maybe nothing! Kamelot announced a new album called Haven in May of this year, again with producer Sascha Paeth and the album landed in Finnish charts at #12. This album also reached their highest position ever in Finland and also in a few other countries, like Japan, Austria, Canada etc. The album is packed full of metal, which contains also a few guest musicians, for example Alissa White-Gluz, Troy Donockley and Charlotte Wessels. Actually I haven’t read any reviews for this album and I have only listenend to it myself and honestly liked it all very much and I still wonder why they only play about two, or three songs from this album? Well, that’s all I have to say about the album. Let’s check out how I felt about Kamelot’s gig in Seinäjoki, Rytmikorjaamo 2.10.2015. Continue reading CONCERT REVIEW: Kamelot; Seinäjoki, Rytmikorjaamo 2.10.2015

Video Interview: Thomas Youngblood of Kamelot; Helsinki, Finland 2015


I sit and talk with lead guitarist and founder of prog/power metal act Kamelot in Helsinki, Finland.  We discuss the bands upcoming album Haven due out in Early May.  Thomas and I discuss the evolution of the band from their early days, how singer Tommy Karevik approaches song writing as compared to previous singers and of course we discuss the ideas and songs for the new album HAVEN!

Watch below!