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Interview: Exploding Head Syndrome

Interview about Exploding Head Syndrome, hardcore band from Norway.


Cheers Eirik, how are you? Make a short about the band, since when is it active?
Hi! I’m good, waiting for the album to finally drop out next week. The band started in 2010 in Oslo by me and Morten who are old friends. We had a complete band after a few months and played our first show in the fall of 2011.


You signed a deal with WormHoleDeath records to release your 3rd release under the name of ”World Crashes Down”. How the recordings went so far?
The recordings went well. We had done a pretty good job in pre-production, so we wouldn’t waste too much time in the studio. We recorded it over 3 weeks at MathLAb Studios in Montale- Italy. For the last week we rented a house with a pool and some of us brought our family and had a little vacation. We are very satisfied with the end product, we like the sound the producer, Jonny Mazzeo, who managed to create.


Tell me about ”World Crashes Down”: the sound, lyrical themes, cover artwork…?
The two previous releases have a more LO-Fi sound, and with ‚’World Crashes Down’’ we wanted to up the game and have a more  “punch in the face” type of sound. Our songs draw an inspiration from hardcore, punk and rock and we wanted a sound that combines these genres, We said to Jonny that we wanted a sound that was a mix between Comeback Kid’s Die Knowing and The Bronx. We think he nailed it.
Lyrically it’s basically about the same things our other releases are; about giving up or fighting on. Our bass player, Bjørnar, died last summer and that definitely played a part in the lyric writing process.
The artwork was made by a friend of ours, Therese Haaland, who also did the artwork for ‚’Disiples of Reason’’. We were supposed to go with a photo of the same motive, but ended up with this very cool drawing.

As mentioned, you have a 3rd release, there exist two others, what can you tell me about the previous ones?
Our first release was a self titled ’DIY’’ EP where the goal was to just get something out there. The sound is quite raw, and most of us had never recorded anything before but I think there are some good songs there. Our first full album, ‚’Disciples of Reason’’, was recorded at Observatoret studio in Oslo, Norway and released in 2013.

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Music Review: ExcöriatoR CD: The Moaning of Life



Available: Now

Label: Heathen Tribes

Official Websites: https://www.facebook.com/excoriator/


I am not sure if anyone is a Transformers fan from the 80’s but I am.  So in this review I am going to make a very unusual comparison between Transformers and ExcöriatoR.  This comparison is going to be based on the singer.  In the old Transformers cartoon there was a popular character named Grimlock who was a Dinobot and had a very gruff and tough sounding voice.  He also spoke in broken English.  While the singer of ExcöriatoR does not sing in broken English he does sound like a lot like Grimlock.  So ExcöriatoR sounds like a band Grimlock formed after he quit the Autobots and wanted rock out…Dinobot style!  Fuck you Optimus! Continue reading Music Review: ExcöriatoR CD: The Moaning of Life

Interview: If I Die Today

Interview with Marco Fresia, the vocalist of the Hardcore metal band, If I Die Today.

By Carla Morton


Hello Marco, how have you been?
Hello Carla, i’ve been very busy lately. Now i’m having a little break, October is around the corner and so it’s Cursed, we worked hard to refine the last details.

When was If I Die Today formed?
IIDT were born at the end of 2007, we changed through these years, we grew strong and we gained more complexity.

The latest release of the band is ”Cursed”. Tell me about it.
”Cursed” is a concept album, its creation took a lot of time and dedication. We passed through hard times and as many problems as you can imagine, anyway everything we lived these past two years made “Cursed” a product to be proud of.

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Music Review: Pincher CD: Killing Machines

Music Review: Pincher

CD: Killing Machines

Label: Independent

Available: NOW

by: TJ Fowler






My inbox occasionally gets requests to review bands that I have no idea where they are coming from with their musical direction or ideas.  One such band I recently had the ?pleasure? to receive a message from is the all female Russian Punk band, Pincher.  After looking at the tracklisting and listening to the songs I’m left with a completely ‘What the Fuck did I listen to???’ It’s obvious the band has a unique take on things…read on if you want your mind BLOWN! Continue reading Music Review: Pincher CD: Killing Machines