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Music Review: GWAR Album: The Blood of Gods


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Ok, I am one of those guys who has always HEARD of GWAR and their notorious reputation…but I had never HEARD GWAR before.  I knew the stories of their live shows, the story of the band’s hilarious history and of course the passing of their lead singer Oderus Urungus.  There was even a kid at the volleyball camp I attended about 20 years ago who was a fan of the band.  But again, I never had listened to GWAR.  That is…until now…and well…all I can say is what an interesting experience.

On the surface musically, GWAR comes off as a straight ahead metal/hard rock band…all kills and no frills.  There isn’t anything flashy in how or what GWAR plays but they construct catchy, straight in your face metal songs.  Lyrically the songs seem to have some underlying political themes and bizarre humor…the humor part I get due to my passing knowledge of the band’s ridiculous bio and stage persona.   The political and social aspects of the bands lyrics I am not sure about as I am not sure if the band has ever delved too deeply into that territory before.  Regardless of the songs themes, most of the songs are all cool little tunes and fun to listen too.  Especially, Death to Dickie Duncan, Crushed by the Cross, If You Want Blood (You Got it).  Also the, what I think is a tribute to Oderus, touching and humorous Phantom Limb song.

Overall The Blood of Gods was a very welcome surprise for me. I had always dismissed GWAR as something at best, I would listen to LATER at worst toilet turds (Actually toilet turds they might consider a compliment).  As it turns out I waited WAY too long to give GWAR a chance…a chance they deserved a long time ago.  So I guess now you could say I am a fan of the band, now all I need to do is get an opportunity to see the band live.  I hear the best type of clothes to wear is nice, expensive white suit…right?

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Concert Report: GWAR Nov. 18th; EXIT/IN Nashville, Tennessee

By: Melody Ryan


If you have heard of GWAR then I don’t need to explain much about how incredibly unique and disgustingly brilliant their shows are. This past week, the Scumdogs of the Universe, the extraterrestrial warriors known as GWAR, unleashed their fury of metal upon Nashville, TN at Exit/In. I would like to fast forward to a little bit after the show. So after enjoying a night of guitar-playing aliens, my boyfriend and I went out for pizza and drinks. We ended up having the following conversation with multiple groups of people. Continue reading Concert Report: GWAR Nov. 18th; EXIT/IN Nashville, Tennessee

GWAR Kicks Off “Madness at the Core of Time Tour” Covers Billy Ocean for The AV Club and Schedules Reddit AMA


The Fall season is always a busy time for your Lords and Masters in GWAR, and this year is of course no different. The Scumdogs have successfully made their way back to North America and have kicked off the “Madness at the Core of Time” tour. This tour features a completely brand-new show full of slavering creatures and deserving victims, and runs through November 17th in Washington, DC. GWAR has been joined by deathcore heavyweights and label-mates Whitechapel, Richmond, VA thrashers Iron Reagan (featuring Municipal Waste singer Tony Foresta) and A Band of Orcs (who are actually a band of Orcs).
Continue reading GWAR Kicks Off “Madness at the Core of Time Tour” Covers Billy Ocean for The AV Club and Schedules Reddit AMA

“Madness at the Core of Time” Tour Kicks off October 2nd

gwarAfter a week and over 35,000 signatures, Antarctic overlords GWAR finally have officially reacted to the petition started by Jeff Cantrell of Morehead, Kentucky on Change.org to haveGWAR play the Super Bowl Halftime Show.  The petition can be signed atChange.org/GWARBOWLContinue reading “Madness at the Core of Time” Tour Kicks off October 2nd

GWAR To Devastate AXS TV On Live Broadcast

Mutant overlords GWAR will take over the airwaves of AXS TV to bring to you the human scum a live broadcast transmission from one of their upcoming performances. GWAR “Fate Or Chaos Tour 2013” will be aired live on AXS TV on April 17 from the Gothic Theater in Denver, Colorado. The broadcast will air at 12:00 a.m. EST/ 9:00 p.m. PST.

AXS TV is available on: DIRECTV Channel 340, DISH Network Channel 362, AT&T U-Verse Channel 1106, and Verizon FiOS Channel 569.

For additional affiliate and distributor channel information, including Charter, Comcast Xfinity, Suddenlink and others visit http://www.axs.tv/subscribe.

Quoteth the warty one, Oderus Urungus, lead singer of GWAR: “The ‘Fate Or Chaos’ show is the most spectacular show we have done since the one we did before this one, and that one was awesome, even though I can’t remember what it was. Now GWAR‘s struggle against your angry God is to be broadcast live by AXS TV and preserverd for all eternity, an undying testimony to the undimmed majesty of the world’s most outrageous rock and roll band…the mighty GWAR!”

This show is part of the second leg of the “Fate Or Chaos” tour which features support from WARBEAST and WILSON.

Before the tour stars, GWAR will be debut their signature “GWAR-B-Q” sauce at a colossal “Meat & Meet” at the world-famous Grinders in Kansas City on Monday April 8 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

August will see the fourth annual GWAR-B-Q, the group’s annual outdoor music and meat-fest which is getting more massive every year. The new album’s release follows soon after, and then the band will embark on a mega-huge world tour that will continue well into 2014.