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Music Review: COAL CHAMBER CD: Rivals


By: Alex Phillips

Label: Napalm

Available: May 19

Official Websites:



My relationship with live heavy metal music began with Coal Chamber, second stage at Ozzfest ’97. The band’s set—raw, naked aggression, fury unlike anything I had ever felt—blew me away. The simple power of the performance left an impression. At the time I had no clue about things like musicianship, arrangements, virtuosity, and other considerations of musical talent and skill. Nor was I aware that Nü-Metal had become a contentious issue among metal fans. On that day of my first metal show, Coal Chamber tore open a gateway through which I would pass, never to go back. Continue reading Music Review: COAL CHAMBER CD: Rivals

Music Review: XIII CD: Helltongue

Music Review: XIII

CD: Helltongue

Label: Inverse Records

Available: April 19th, 2013

by: TJ Fowler




                Hardcore/Grindcore bands have never been high on my list of metal genres to give priority to when listening to my metal music.  I always felt that the music was always very simplistic and derivative and the vocals in such bands…really weren’t very spectacular.  So it is safe to say I have never been a fan of bands such as Crowbar and Biohazard.

So when I received a copy of XIII’s ‘Helltongue’ I was somewhat hesitant to listen and kind of dreading it if I am honest.  So what did I get in ‘Helltongue’?  Did it surprise me or did it have me speaking in my own form of blasphemous cursing language for having to listen to it?  Actually you and I may both be surprised.  Read on! Continue reading Music Review: XIII CD: Helltongue

TOXIC HOLOCAUST: ‘Agony of the Damned’ Lyric Video Released


Portland’s favorite punk/metal delinquents TOXIC HOLOCAUST have unleashed a lyric video for “Agony Of The Damned”. Initially featured on the band’s 2011 “Conjure And Command” full-length, the song makes an “updated” appearance on the “From The Ashes Of Nuclear Destruction” compilation, set for release via Relapse Records next month. Continue reading TOXIC HOLOCAUST: ‘Agony of the Damned’ Lyric Video Released

CALL OF THE VOID: Full Album Streaming At Lambgoat

CALL OF THE VOID: Full Album Streaming At Lambgoat

Roadside Takeover Continues


In honor of its release today, Lambgoat is currently streaming CALL OF THE VOID’s sadistic Dragged Down A Dead End Path full-length in its entirety at THIS LOCATION.

Fittingly dubbed “powerful, harsh crust grind at its fucking finest,” by American Aftermath, and “an intense and hard hitting CD, with some of the sickest guitar playing heard since Death’s Spiritual Healing,” by Wicked Channel, CALL OF THE VOID churn a bastardized mesh of filth-ridden, powerviolence-tinged hardcore with reckless abandon. With more than 25 minutes of confrontational audio hate, the ten-track Dragged Down A Dead End Path was recorded at the Boar’s Nest in Salt Lake City, Utah by Andy Patterson and mastered by Chris Mcnaughton. Notes Outburn in an 8/10 review of the record, “With a raw, messy sound drenched in over-amped guitars and driven by pure bile, they channel grindcore and Iron Monkey-esque sludgy unpleasantness and with each track – the longest topping out at 3:44 – they go off in a half dozen directions without ever losing their focus on destroying everything close by.”

CALL OF THE VOID are currently pillaging their way through the US on a three-week tour that included four scathing appearances at SXSW. Remaining dates are included below.

Order a physical copy of Dragged Down A Dead End Path HERE or a digital version via iTunes HERE. Additionally, you can watch the band’s lyric video for “Endless Ritual Abuse” courtesy of Blow The Scene at THIS LOCATION.

CALL OF THE VOID Dragged Down A Dead End Path Tour 2013 [remaining dates]:
3/19/2013 The Drunken Unicorn – Atlanta, GA at w/ Ambassador Gun, Wolves And Jackals, Dropout
3/20/2013 House Show – Charleston, SC w/ Ambassador Gun, False Light
3/21/2013 Roger’s Sports Pub – Chesapeake, VA w/ Ambassador Gun, Apollocreed, Malaria, Knife Creep
3/22/2013 Sidebar – Baltimore, MD w/ Ambassador Gun, Passage Between, Fortress
3/23/2013 JR’s – Philadelphia, PA w/ Ambassador Gun, Cadaveric Spasm, Wet Nightmare
3/24/2013 The Saint – Asbury Park, NJ w/ Ambassador Gun, El Drugstore, Abacinate
3/25/2013 The Place – Brooklyn, NY w/ Ambassador Gun, It’s Not Night It’s Space
3/26/2013 Kopec’s – Pittsburgh, PA w/ Ambassador Gun, Dendritic Arbor
3/27/2013 Ultra Lounge – Chicago, IL w/ Ambassador Gun, Beak
3/28/2013 The Nether Bar – Minneapolis, MN w/ Ambassador Gun, Much Worse, Nerves
3/29/2013 THE Shop – Davenport, IA w/ Wax Moth, Crater, My Pal Trigger

“From start to finish, Dragged Down A Dead End Path is a blast of hardcore mixed with metal. Not ‘metalcore’… what people think of when those genres are mentioned in the same sentence. Bottom line: CALL OF THE VOID brings ten dirty, heavy as hell, tracks of in-your-face urgency.” — Echoes And Dust

“…vocalist Steve Vanica is truly vicious. Obvious points of reference would be other crusty-core bands such as GazaEarly Graves and to a certain extent Nails, but at the same time the band manage to invoke some of the dark punk-y groove of Trap Them, that’s too often overlooked by bands of their ilk.” — HeavyBlogIs Heavy

“A violent debut from this young band. One that will curb-stomp your ears and then ask you to say ‘thank you’ afterwards. Better wear a crash helmet, and learn to be appreciative. I, for one, am indeed.” — Sludgelord

 “Having a bad day at work? Did some cellphone addicted moron cut you off? I suggest blasting CALL OF THE VOID from your speakers, as this is anger therapy in 30 minutes and it’ll make you feel a whole lot better. A damn fine album and a band you will no doubt hear plenty more from in 2013.” – The Lair Of Filth


YEARS OF TYRANTS – Leading The Blind Artwork, Tracklisting, Release Dates Unveiled

Brutally technical deathcore from France, YEARS OF TYRANTS will release their debut EP, Leading The Blind, on April 2nd in France via Season Of Mist, May 6th in The UK via Code 7, and on May 7th in North America via MVD. The cover art and tracklisting are as follows:

‘Stronger Than All’
‘Through Infamy’
‘Infestation Of Larvae’
‘This World Is Ours’
‘Leading The Blind’
‘This Is Meat’
‘Of Those Who Wasted It All’

Produced at the Iguana studio (NECROPHAGIST) with RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR and ex-RESISTANCE members, Leading The Blind is 23+ minutes (nine tracks) worth of blasting parts and genre-specific breakdowns, coupled with dark melodies and atmospheres.”

A video trailer for Leading The Blind can be viewed below:

Years Of Tyrants is:

Arnaud Carpentier – vocals
Jordy Deregnaucourt – guitar
Benoit Peichert – guitar
Vincent Guerin – bass
Thibaut Wydau – drums