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AMARANTHE Confirmed To Play Finland’s Kuopio Rockcock Festival 2013

Metal sextet AMARANTHE – featuring vocalist Elize Ryd, who is also known for her work as a backing vocalist for KAMELOT – have been confirmed to play the Kuopio Rockcock Festival 2013 on August 3rd in Kuopio, Finland.

Go to this location for event information.

The band’s complete schedule can be viewed below: Continue reading AMARANTHE Confirmed To Play Finland’s Kuopio Rockcock Festival 2013

Powerwolf Checks in from the Studio; Details on New Album

From the band’s official Facebook Page:

Checking in from Gothenburg/Sweden, where we are about to lay final touches to the upcoming album at Studio Fredman.
Feels great to finalize this monster project that kept us breathless and busy for the past seven months, and I dare say it sounds absolutely amazing so far. This is going to be a damn catchy and intense album. Furious, epic, heavy & wolfish to the max!
Some more days of metal and mayhem ahead here in Sweden until we can send white smoke through the studio chimney… exiting times!
Can’t wait until this beast of an album gets unleashed upon you this summer…

Music Review: Stygian Ascent- Memories

by: Juuso Viljanen


Melodic death metal is a very large genre. It includes a huge variety of bands with all sorts of vocals and lyrics. If you want to have a simple and fast preview of the whole genre, you should listen to Swedish band Stygian Ascent and their debut album ‘Memories’. It combines the main elements of the genre and use it to create their own sound and way to write songs.


Although melodies make this kind of music sound beautiful and passionate, they don’t take away the aggressiveness and the heavy sound of metal. Sweden even has their own melodic death metal sound (at least here in Finland it’s known as Göteborg sound), but Stygian Ascent don’t sound like they should be categorized as typical Swedish death metal band.


Most famous names of Göteborg style of metal are propably In Flames, Soilwork and Dark Tranquillity. In my head Stygian Ascent is much more closer to bands like Children Of Bodom and Eternal Tears Of Sorrow. Their sound is a diverse mix of “the beauty and the beast”; melodies and hard sounding death metal.


Songs are results of careful composing and hard training. They make me bang my head in my living room, playing my air guitar and singing along, even though I can’t sing. ‘Memories’ contains 5 songs, all together making it to 30 minutes of pure and talented melodic death metal. This is exactly the main reason why I love Swedish music: they just know how to do it!


GRADE: 5/5

Official Sites:


AGE OF WOE To Release Debut In May

Gothenburg, Sweden based metallers AGE OF WOE will release their new album, Inhumanform, on May 31st. The LP will be released on Suicide Records and will be on white vinyl and the CD will be released on Give Praise Records. The album was produced by Carlos Sepulveda (PSYCORE, NO HAWAII) and Lennart Östlund (LED ZEPPELIN, CANDLEMASS) and was recorded in a 18th century estate on the Swedish countryside.

A teaser for the album can be seen below: