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GlobMetal Promotions is Looking for YOUR band!




GlobMetal Promotions is a music Promotion company that was founded in April 2012, and since has been engaged in promotion of bands around the world. In the past years we worked with more than 50 bands all over the world, and helped many of them to reach new horizons and become popular. We don’t promise you that you will become a new Black Sabbath, as well as the mountains of gold and rich villas, but we can promise to do everything in our power that your band will grow and reach as many people it can, and you will be satisfied with the results.

Project objectives:

– Distribution of band music via Facebook, Vkontakte, Russian and West music portals

– Reviews of music albums around the world

– Interviews around the world

– Organization music and video rotation on the radio and internet TV

– Adding your music to metal compilations around the world

– Concert activities: information support, search and organization of future music events for groups which work with GlobMetal Promotions

Russian Heavy metal band Starsoup has inked a worldwide management deal with GlobMetal Promotions.

The band released their highly anticipated new album “Bazaar of Wonders” which GlobMetal are going all out to promote.

Starsoup is the heavy metal/progressive rock project of vocalist Alexey Markov. The project’s founding stages took place in Moscow towards the end of 2011, when the first single, “Angels”, was recorded. In essence, the music consists of heavy guitars, atmospheric keys with an accent on the grand piano, and varying vocal techniques. Due to the number of invited musicians and the band leader’s engagements in other projects the recording of the album was extended for over a year. In the autumn of 2013 the album finally emerged into the light with the Sublimity Records label. The compositional foundation of the album consists of the four songs which were written and melodically composed during Alexey’s participation in Crime Of Passion band, where he was the vocalist and Andrew played the keyboards. Throughout the course of the recording process, new songs began to emerge. One tune was composed by Lex Plotnikov (Mechanical Poet). This album also features the saxophone and flute.
A music video is now planned for the future, as are more recordings, cooperation with international musicians, and concert.

Russian Industrial metal band bog [~] morok has inked a worldwide management deal with GlobMetal Promotions.

Band Photo 1

The band have will release their highly anticipated new album “Industrialypse” which GlobMetal are going all out to promote.

Bog[~]Morok started by Morok as a one-man-project back in 1997 as death/black metal band. Morok recorded three demos before releasing the first album named “Azoic” in 2003 on the CD-Maximum label. At that time Bog[~]Morok transformed from one-man-project into a real band, that played death/doom metal with strong influences of paradise lost, but with slight touches of modern metal and industrial. After that Morok decided to change the band’s style once again. The efforts resulted in the albums “Stadiae II” (2005), “Syn.thesis” (2007), “Decadence” (2010) and “Imminence” in 2012. Now Bog-Morok presents a new album called “Industrialypse”. The album will be released on the label  “A&M Releses”.

Russia’s SYMBOL OF EIGHT Ink Deal With GlobMetal Promotions; New Single Streaming

Russian death/thrash metal band SYMBOL OF EIGHT has inked a worldwide management deal with GlobMetal Promotions. The band has recently released their new single ‘Nuclear Holocaust’ which will be followed by a new debut EP by the end of 2013 and GlobMetal Promotions are going to help the band spread the album around the world.

Max Fedorov (guitarist) commented: “We are glad to cooperate with a team of professionals namely GlobMetal Promotions. We are looking forward to future achievements, I think together we could make it.”

‘Nuclear Holocaust’ can be heard streaming below: