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Music Review: ACCEPT Album: The Rise of Chaos

AVAILABLE: August 4th, 2017

LABEL: Nuclear Blast

Official Websites:



ACCEPT just keeps that metal train rolling like a juggernaut that just can’t be stopped.  Since releasing ‘Blood of Nations’ back in 2010, ACCEPT have been the recipient of a revitalized career that most bands of their age could only dream of and all the younger bands would hope they could only have 1/10th of the success of.  Since their comeback album, ACCEPT has released hit album after hit album filled with classic metal riffs and great lyrical themes.  Continue reading Music Review: ACCEPT Album: The Rise of Chaos

Concert Review: SABATON/ACCEPT ‘THE LAST TOUR’; Helsinki Ice hall; Helsinki, Finland

Report and Photos by: TJ Fowler

The Time Has Come

When the old meets new and ushers in a new era.  This is what the Sabaton/ACCEPT show at its core is.  ACCEPT is a well-established band in the metal genre with a  dedicated fan base that are always eager to see them and Sabaton is a band on the rise, looking to make the next big step in their career.  In this case, that step is becoming a headliner in European arenas.  That is right, not headliners for a day of a festival but arenas, for their own tours.  With ACCEPT coming along as Special Guests was a genius move for both bands.  For ACCEPT, it opens them up to younger fans who came for Sabaton and for Sabaton it brings in an established fan base from ACCEPT to add to their already large and growing fan base as well and help fill the arena.

The question is…did it pay off for both bands.  Hell yes it did. Continue reading Concert Review: SABATON/ACCEPT ‘THE LAST TOUR’; Helsinki Ice hall; Helsinki, Finland




AVAILABLE: Jan. 13, 2017

Label: Nuclear Blast

Official Websites:




Not since Doctor Frankenstein robbed some graveyards, stitched together some body parts and harnessed the power of lightning and raised a dead corpse back to life has a band had such an equivalence of revival in popularity and creative resurgence as ACCEPT.  Not Iron Maiden, not Judas Priest but the German Teutonic power house known as ACCEPT.  They performed this miracle by going against the advice many labels and critics wanted them to do and bring back in Udo Dirkschneider, and got a completely new singer in Mark Tornillo. Continue reading LIVE ALBUM/DVD REVIEW: ACCEPT: RESTLESS AND LIVE

Audio: Running Wild Interview; Rolf Kasparek 2016

I talk with Rock n Rolf of German Pirate Metal band Running wild about his latest album ‘Rapid Foray’. We discuss about getting inspiration from Native American History and Rolf’s keen interest in history itself. We also discuss a very important aspect of Running Wild hitting the festival circuit in the next year with several shows hopefully planned.


Necronomicon signs world wide record deal with Into The LimeLight Records


The thrash cult from Germany, Necronomicon go a long way back to 1984 but they are still very much alive and kicking. Stronger than ever they have worked on new material and will release their new 9th studio cd and some other very special work with Into The LimeLight Records and Soulfood as distributor. A lot of great things are about to happen.

The new release will be available spring 2017 and will be produced, as the previous ones, by the famous Achim Köhler who has worked with bands like Avantasia, Scorpions, Edguy and many others.

Necronomicon is:
Freddy – vocals, guitar
Mike – guitar, backing vocals
Chris – drums
Marco – bass, backing vocals