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Sercati sign endorsement deal with IK Multimedia, Pork Pie drums and Tone string cleaner

Black metal band Sercati announces the cooperation with Ik multimedia for Amplitube 4,
Pork pie drums for a drums and Tone gear for string cleaner.

The band mentioned: “SERCATI are glad to benefit from new endorsements : TONE GEAR for the essential String cleaners, PORK PIE PERCUSSION for their powerful drum kit and IK MULTIMEDIA for all the digital stuff, especially AmpliTube. Don’t hesitate to go check their merchandise. Also, don’t forget our other supports : SKULL STRINGS, NO LOGO PICKS, JOYO PEDALS and MSM WORKSHOP”.


Interview Moreor

Interview about Moreor with Eadha (vocals), metal band from France.


Hi Eadha, how are you?
Hi Carla, I’m fine, thanks for asking ! I went running this morning. I enjoy doing exercice before any kind of music-related activity. 😉

Tell me when Moreor was founded.
Moreor was founded in 2010. It took some time to find the right direction at first but we finally have the right line-up and the sound we expected.

”From North” is the first band release, an EP. Tell me about it.
“From North’’ from Sea contains 5 tracks that are very near and dear to my heart. I was just being concerned by the loss of a loved one (my grandmother) when we recorded it. The more I listen to the EP, the more I feel in the music the depth, the sadness and the revolt… Emotion is the most important thing in music according to me…

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Interview about Dome Studio with David Potvin (One Way Mirror, Phaze I, Lyzanxia)

This is the 4th time I am speaking with David Potvin (One Way Mirror, Phaze I, Lyzanxia), but this time we were not talking about the bands and about Dome Studio that he and his brother, Franck own.


Hello David, nice talking with you again, hope everything is fine there. We had three interviews before talking about your bands: One Way Mirror, Phaze I and Lyzanxia, but this time let’s talk about Dome Studio, a studio you and your brother Franck own. When did you found this studio?
Hello Carla! Nice to talk to you again! Looks like we won’t have any secrets for you after this new interview, haha! The Dome studio was born in 2005 when we recorded the debut album of our band Phaze I. Then we used it to make pre-productions of Lyzanxia and One-Way Mirror. We really like to produce music, that’s why in 2007 we decided to open the studio for other bands.

Your three bands albums were recorded here, of course, but name the other bands that have stepped into your studio to record their albums/EP’s.
Yes, we produced some Lyzanxia, One-Way Mirror and Phaze I albums. Since we work with other bands we met a lot of great musicians. We produced many albums for French bands like Arcania, T.A.N.K, Kronos, Abysse, Beyond The Styx, Under The Abyss, Holding Sand, Drakwald, Kilø… and plenty of EPs. We mainly work with French bands for the moment but we’re looking to work with foreign bands, like Blood Rain Evening From Bali (Indonesia) for which we worked on the mix of their second EP.


Which was the first band that entered to record in the studio?
The first band since 2007 was Barback, they used to play Thrash Metal with French vocals at the time. Now they have a new singer and they sing in English. Check out this band!

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Interview: Jamie Lee Smit-Rock

Jamie Lee Smit, beside being vocalist of the Metal band Azylya, she has her solo band project as Jamie Lee Smit-Rock and she has released her debut album this year via Epictronic record label. I had the occasion to interview Jamie Lee second time, this time about her project.

Interview by Carla Morton


Hello Jamie, nice talking to you again, how are you?
Hello Carla! Thank you to interest you in my other project. I’m fine and I have a lot of work because we are composing the second album of Azylya and I have to promote, at the same time, my solo album.

Beside Azylya, you have your solo project. What can you tell me about that?
The label Epictronic asked me to make a solo album in my mother tongue, French. Of course, I accepted this great proposal. Riccardo Daga, who is my producer, made all compositions and I wrote the lyrics. It’s a rock album with songs in French and others in English. The music is very energetic and rhythmic. The lyrics are darker in general. The songs deal with different topics: thwarted love, loneliness of the soldier, the suffering of animals, rock stars died very young … The album was recorded at Studio Titan Labs in Ferrara in Italy in August of last year and the album was released March 30, 2015.

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