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Interview: F.O.A.D.

Interview with the French Death/Thrash/Core metal band, F.O.A.D.

By Carla Morton


Hello guys, how things are going?
Hello. .F.O.A.D. is not much on the scene this year because of our line up changing.At this time, we are complete, with a new drummer. We rehearse a lot, to be ready for the stage.

When did F.O.A.D was formed?
F.O.A.D. was formed in 2009. We have recorded a first demo called “Fuck Off And Die” in 2009 and an EP selfreleased in 2011 called “Remorse Is For The Dead”. Then we signed a deal with M & O MUSIC in 2014 and released our first album “ Bringer Of Death’’. We have played more than 60 gigs in France, Switzerland and Cuba.

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