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Music Review: Freedom Call CD: Master Of Light

By: Callum (CJ) Lavender
Label: Steamhammer/SPV
Available: 11th November 2016
Official Website: http://www.freedom-call.net/
The appointed creators of happy metal are back once again with a new album. With bands like these I’m always surprised that they can keep producing material every 2 years without getting burned out. Although seeing that I am a Freedom Call fan I’m not going to complain. So Master Of Light album (which I also believe the song may be a sequel to ‘Land Of The Light’) can pretty much be summed up by the opening track ‘Metal Is For Everyone’. The music video features clips from all their fans singing along, which includes men, women, and children, from all over the place. Which is very interesting to say the least. There is a lot of identity politics that goes on in the metal community, driven by all the different sub genres within the genre, which is often where the ‘no true Scotsman’ fallacy sometimes gets thrown around. But with this song and video it’s Freedom Call saying what they’ve been saying for years, as long as you enjoy what you enjoy then it doesn’t really matter.

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Music Review: Freedom Call – CD: Beyond


By: Callum Lavender


Available: 24th February 2014


Label: Steamhammer/SPV


Official Website:



I’m very excited to be checking out the latest album by Freedom Call because if truth were known I am a massive fan but I will do my best to not be bios. I thought I would start this by telling a quick story of how I ‘accidently’ became a fan, when I was 18 in sixth form college I was sitting next to two of my class mates and was over hearing there conversation. One of them said, “have you heard palace of fantasy by Freedom Call it’s a great song?” then the other said, “It sounds like a song to a Disney movie”. So curiosity got the better of me and some time later I checked out that song on youtube and when I did I must of hit the replay button about 50 times, then soon after discovered some of there other classic hits. So how does this new chapter compare with there other 15+ years of material… lets find out.

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FREEDOM CALL Premiere New Video for “Rockin Radio” on Noisecreep

Ages of Light out May 7th on Steamhammer/SPV

Melodic metal act FREEDOM CALL’s balance sheet is certainly something to be proud of: the group surrounding vocalist/guitarist Chris Bay have released a total of seven studio albums (including their sensational debut Stairway To Fairyland) and two haunting live releases. FREEDOM CALL are also ever-present live on the stage, having toured not only with the likes of Saxon, Edguy, Blind Guardian and Hammerfall, but also having played successful tours in their own right since 2010. The band performed more than 60 shows to support the release of their 2012 album Land Of The Crimson Dawn, among them 25 headliner shows all over Europe. Their exceedingly melodic songs are frequently referred to as “happy metal”, and indeed FREEDOM CALL more than deserve the title of “Happiest Metal-Band In The World”. The release of Ages Of Light on 29 April 2013

(Germany: 26 April 2013, USA: 7 May 2013) is set to mark their 15th anniversary.

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FREEDOM CALL: More ‘Ages Of Light’ Details Revealed

German metallers FREEDOM CALL will release an anniversary album, “Ages Of Light”, on April 26 in Germany, April 29 in the rest of Europe and May 7 in North America via SPV/Steamhammer.

“Ages Of Light” is a best-of double album filled to the brim with 18 of the most important songs from the band’s history, plus a bonus CD entitled “Masqueraded”, featuring six FREEDOM CALL tracks in a new, unusual guise. There is a ska version of “Metal Invasion”, “Mr. Evil” as a melodic reggae track, “Hero On Video” as a speed ska number and “Rockin’ Radio (which is also supported by a video clip) in a killerbilly version. Continue reading FREEDOM CALL: More ‘Ages Of Light’ Details Revealed