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Darkenhöld releases new album

French Black Metal band Darkenhöld released their fourth album «Memoria Sylvarum» on “Editions de la Vieille Tour Records“. The album was mixed/mastered by Guillaume Vrac at his home studio.


Darkenhöld  was formed in 2008 at Nice, France by Aldebaran (former member of Artefact), Cervantes and Aboth (Continuum). After two split CD’s and an appearance on a tribute to Emperor, the band released its first album, «A Passage to the Towers» in 2010. The second album «Echoes From The Stone Keeper» was released in 2012, and the third «Castellum» in 2014.

Music Review: Unscarred EP: Fake Democracy


Label: Unsigned

Available: NOW

Official Websites:



                Paris thrash metal fronted by a female Iranian singer.  I have to admit…I have never encountered that before but that is what I got here with Unscarred’s ‘Fake Democracy’.   I have to admit what I heard on this five song EP is pretty good, not perfect, but pretty good. Continue reading Music Review: Unscarred EP: Fake Democracy

Heavy Metal And Popular Culture International Conference To Take Place In Ohio Next Month

The inaugural Heavy Metal And Popular Culture international conference will take place at Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio April 4-7,. It will be the first scholarly conference on heavy metal in the U.S. Registration is free and members of the public are encouraged to attend.

Metal music and culture scholars from Norway, Germany, Switzerland, the UK, France, Canada, New Zealand, Finland, Brazil and all over the U.S., including Puerto Rico, will gather to share theories, network, and discuss the forthcoming peer-reviewed journal that will be published by The International Society for Metal Music Studies. Continue reading Heavy Metal And Popular Culture International Conference To Take Place In Ohio Next Month

YEARS OF TYRANTS – Leading The Blind Artwork, Tracklisting, Release Dates Unveiled

Brutally technical deathcore from France, YEARS OF TYRANTS will release their debut EP, Leading The Blind, on April 2nd in France via Season Of Mist, May 6th in The UK via Code 7, and on May 7th in North America via MVD. The cover art and tracklisting are as follows:

‘Stronger Than All’
‘Through Infamy’
‘Infestation Of Larvae’
‘This World Is Ours’
‘Leading The Blind’
‘This Is Meat’
‘Of Those Who Wasted It All’

Produced at the Iguana studio (NECROPHAGIST) with RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR and ex-RESISTANCE members, Leading The Blind is 23+ minutes (nine tracks) worth of blasting parts and genre-specific breakdowns, coupled with dark melodies and atmospheres.”

A video trailer for Leading The Blind can be viewed below:

Years Of Tyrants is:

Arnaud Carpentier – vocals
Jordy Deregnaucourt – guitar
Benoit Peichert – guitar
Vincent Guerin – bass
Thibaut Wydau – drums