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Zarthas inked deal with WormHoleDeath records

Finnish metallers from Zarthas have signed deal with WormHoleDeath records to release their new album, ”Reflections”.

The album will be out 21st of July (digital), 22nd of September (physical), 6th of October (USA), 29th of November (JP).



William Blackswan announces new album ”Horrors”

Finnish metalcore band, William Blackswan, announces new album, ”Horrors”, out on 8th of January.


William Blackswan is an theatrical, sharp, horror-metalcore band from Tampere, Finland.

The band stated: Our main ambition is to be successful in what we love the most and in which we have became skillful through the hard practicing, which is making metalcore-music. Our will is to be able to live as full-time musicians, and each of us understands how great sacrifices it will demand. So we don’t hesitate to leave everything behind for our band. If we are up to something, we’re up to this!



Interview: Omniversum

Interview with Tomas Ahlroos, vocalist of the Finnish metal band, Omniversum.


Thank you Tomas for this interview. Please introduce Omniversum and when did the band was born?
My pleasure Carla and thank you for doing this interview with me. Omniversum is a Kuopio, Finland based 5 piece modern metal/rock act. During our 6 years ofexistence we’ve developed a lot. We started of kind of proggy but how now drifted towards a style where the sound and music is more important than the genre.

You came out with a new single this year, entitled ”Waiting For My Time”. Is this a song taken from the future album?
This is a tricky question at this point as we have not really figured out the details of the future releases yet. But I can tell you that at the moment the idea is to release a series of singles (that might end up being and album at some point). For now it’s the path we’ve chosen as it makes no sense releasing an album for us right now. We’re trying to think out of the box and see what we can come up with. We hope to release the follower to ’’Waiting For My Time’’ as soon as possible.

Have you decided to shoot a video for the new single aswell?
Actually we have plans for multiple videos. But we haven’t yet come to any decision on when this will happen. All in good time.. we will inform you when the time is due.

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Lamori lyric video for ”Follow The Ghost”

Here it is the lyric video for the song ”Follow The Ghost” by Lamori, Finnish Gothic metal band. The song is taken from the upcoming album ”To Die Once Again” which will be released on 10th of May via WormHoleDeath records.





Lamori signs with WormHoleDeath records

Lamori, a Finnish Gothic metal band have signed a deal with the Italians from WormHoleDeath records.

The band statedLAMORI are excited to announce the signing with WORMHOLEDEATH for the release of the new album To Die Once Again. The band has been occupied with the album for this last year.It has been a fantastic experience to work with these guys. They are all super supportive and we had a great time doing this album.  We are all really thrilled about the release.
The signing with WORMHOLEDEATH has been a fantastic opportunity for the band. We have been around for some years now and put down a lot of hard work into this. To now get that push in the right direction, it really feels great. It lights a fire of enthusiasm in you.
This new album is a unifying mix of everything we love about music. It has a bit of everything in there, wrapped in a dark cloth – black as the night.

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