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New Trailer for James Wan’s ‘The Conjuring’ now Available for Viewing.

Warner Brothers have released a new trailer for their upcoming horror flick, ‘The Conjuring’.  Based on the paranormal investigation of Ed and Lorraine Warren, most well known for their Amityville Horror investigation and the fame from that.  James Wan director of ‘Insidious’ and ‘Sinister’ helms ‘The Conjuring’ and it looks to be a genuine creepy tale.  Also, the fact the movie got rated an R for just being too scary and not blood and guts could say a lot about the horror of the film.

You can view the new trailer below:

Movie Review: Behind the Cross

Movie Review: Behind the Cross

Macabre Media

Review By: Tj Fowler


                My good friends James DePaolo and Doc Rotten in the states recently referred Finnish film maker Tomi Kerminen my way to review his semi-short film ‘Behind the Cross’ in which he also stars.

In his email to me Tomi says, “Well you can say that it is experimental, aggressive art or avant-garde movie, or snuff film from beyond. Some people say that it is Dada & Anti-Art.” That’s a whole lot of contradictions and labels all in one right there.  He also tells me I just have to see it.  Boy what an eyeful I got. Continue reading Movie Review: Behind the Cross