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Doom Band Exorcism Release Video ‘Higher’ from ‘I Am God’ Album

Exorcism released the brand new video ‘Higher’, taken from the album ‘I Am God’. It’s a really powerful hard rock/metal tune with some stoner vibes. Enjoy!

Interview With Vocalist Csaba Zvekan of Exorcism


  • Skullbanger Media: Well met good sirs!  Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for Skullbanger Media.  So I guess the first order of business is to talk about the band Exorcism itself and how everything came together.  I notice that most members of the band are also members of Ravenlord which is a Power metal band.  Exorcism is a Doom metal band.  So tell us about how Exorcsim was formed basically out of the same band as Ravenlord? Continue reading Interview With Vocalist Csaba Zvekan of Exorcism

Doom Metal band EXORCISM post footage from the studio!

Doom metal band Exorcism who will be releasing a new album in coming months have released some video studio reports you can check out below.

EXORCISM is a doom/heavy metal band founded by CSABA ZVEKAN in 2006. The majority of the songs have been written 2006/2007 and were originally meant as a solo album. Earlier demo recordings and all instruments were being played and recorded by CSABA ZVEKAN. The songs then have been put aside until 2013 when ROCK’N GROWL Management and ZYX RECORDS/ GOLDENCORE RECORDS found interest in the material.

The line up consists CSABA ZVEKAN on vocals, JOE STUMP on guitars, LUCIO MANCA on bass and GARRY KING on drums.

Influences for the lyrics are very dark themed while the music is played in a slower tempo. The musical style are doomy guitar riffs tuned down with the classy “tritone” sound also called “the devil’s interval”.


Doom metallers EXORCISM have just signed a worldwide record deal with GOLDEN CORE RECORDS/ZYX MUSIC

Doom metallers EXORCISM have just signed a worldwide record deal with GOLDEN CORE RECORDS/ZYX MUSIC. EXORCISM is currently recording at TMS Studios in Spain. The multinational band plans to release their debut album the coming spring 2014. Continue reading Doom metallers EXORCISM have just signed a worldwide record deal with GOLDEN CORE RECORDS/ZYX MUSIC

Movie Review: The Possession

Movie Review: The Possession

By: TJ Fowler

Movies based off “real events” or actual things sometimes can be sketchy in terms of how truthful the story you see on screen is, i.e. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  The Possession is a movie which is not based on an actual story as it’s more based on the legend of a dybbuk box, an old Jewish Wine box which has a demon imprisoned within.  I’m a paranormal buff so I am familiar with the item the movie is based off of and there is such an item that is floating around out there with stories attached to really make you wonder about such an item.  So how does The Possession translate this urban legend to the big screen?  Do we get some Old Testament vengeance delivered or do we get a big empty wooden box with the Yiddish word, “Schmendrick” engraved on it?  Read on! Continue reading Movie Review: The Possession