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Music Review: ExcöriatoR CD: The Moaning of Life



Available: Now

Label: Heathen Tribes

Official Websites: https://www.facebook.com/excoriator/


I am not sure if anyone is a Transformers fan from the 80’s but I am.  So in this review I am going to make a very unusual comparison between Transformers and ExcöriatoR.  This comparison is going to be based on the singer.  In the old Transformers cartoon there was a popular character named Grimlock who was a Dinobot and had a very gruff and tough sounding voice.  He also spoke in broken English.  While the singer of ExcöriatoR does not sing in broken English he does sound like a lot like Grimlock.  So ExcöriatoR sounds like a band Grimlock formed after he quit the Autobots and wanted rock out…Dinobot style!  Fuck you Optimus! Continue reading Music Review: ExcöriatoR CD: The Moaning of Life