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Movie Review: The Evil Dead Remake

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Ahhh….the horror remake, the one thing that stirs up genre fanatics like no other.  Hollywood could pick an obscure horror title and decide to remake it and the fans of horror would shit themselves in a fury.  Pick a bonafide horror cult classic like Evil Dead and the horror community will eat their first born son to make sure they hate it.

My personal views on remakes in general is that I typically don’t mind them so much even though I know Hollywood is trying a bit too hard with them.  My view on horror re-makes is about the same.  I typically don’t mind as long as the movie is solid and offers a good time.  My counterpoint to all the horror fans who complain about their favorite movie being remade and that they should not be done is this…The Thing from John Carpenter.  The Thing is considered one of the greatest horror films and it was a remake.  So to all the horror whiners who hate horror remakes based on just the fact they are a remake…well go look at The Thing and shut up.

So what about our sacred cow of horror, Evil Dead?  Did the filmmakers do a faithful adaptation for the current generation of movie goers while adding something a bit new or did they just roll out a movie for a cash grab?  Well I think they did get some cash to grab from this but boy was it deserved. Continue reading Movie Review: The Evil Dead Remake