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Music Review: Palinopsia CD: Murmurs From the Well Nothing More


By: Scott Foster

Label: Independent

Available: June 3, 2015

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If you follow my reviews (and, if I’m being honest with myself, you probably don’t) you know that I’m not a follower of black metal. When I first started reviewing for Skullbanger and got a black metal submission my first response was…”what am I listening to?” Over time I’ve gained a better understanding of the genre, but it still remains not my cup o’ tea.

With an infectious groove, Palinopsia has come across as a doom metal band that I’m happy to give repeat listens to. Grinding guitars layered with solid drumming and bass that is in the pocket. What’s not to love? By way of confession, I still have no idea what the vocals are saying. However, looking at the vocals as another instrument, they fit well with the mix. Silt, especially, gets my head nodding. In short, I think this is a great EP that fans of black metal will appreciate.


Macaulay Lerman – Guitar and Low Vocals
Will Morse – Drums

Johnny Reiter – Bass

Haydn Smith –  Lead Vocals

Interview: Lightless Moor (By Carla Morton)

Interview with Ilaria Falchi, the vocalist of the Italian Gothic metal band, Lightless Moor.

Hey Ilaria, how have you been?
Hi! I’m fine! Thank you so much!!!

First, tell me about Lightless Moor when was founded.
Lightless Moor was born by my idea of creating a gothic metal band in which I could express myself and sing my own verses.I wanted to mix the standard of the genre and new influences so to create a modern and personal style. The band was founded officially in 2005 when I found the musicians and gave birth to my project. In a while we started composing our first own songs that were recorded in our EP “Renewal” (2006).


The band’s first release was the EP entitled ”Renewal” in 2006. How the recordings of it went?
It was our first experience in recording our music and it was great! We grew as musicians and as band. We understood that was the right way we had to follow. Unfortunately we had several line up changes, but I still have a very good memory of that experience.

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Dual Review: Korpiklaani CD: Noita


This is a dobule review for Korpiklaani’s new album Noita.  One reviewer loves the album while the other…not so much.  So read and see two contrasting opinions and hopefully you will be better informed!

First the good! Continue reading Dual Review: Korpiklaani CD: Noita

JAPAN NIGHT comes to London, July 2015


10 July





11 July



Ling tosite sigure

VENUE: Indigo at The 02

 JAPAN NIGHT – MOVE WITH THE MUSIC OF JAPAN announces its first London shows taking place on 10 & 11 July bringing the best talent from Japan to us here at Indigo at The O2. The two fabulous shows coincide with Hyper Japan, which will be taking place on the same dates in The 02.

JAPAN NIGHT was initially held in 2014 as the last music event at Kokuritsu Kyogijo (National Olympic Stadium in Tokyo), welcoming leading Japanese artists including L’Arc-en-Ciel with the theme “Move with the music of Japan”. The new show will bring us both fresh and established talent with a strong line-up that will culminate in a performance from the fantastic VAMPS truly not a performance to miss. 


“We are proud to be chosen as the promoter of the 1st JAPAN NIGHT in London and we will make sure that this will be a memorable concert for all Japanese music fans in London!” said Rob Hallett, CEO of Robomagic.


Tickets go on sale 9am Friday 10 April and are available from Robomagiclive.com or 0844 856 0202


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Music Review: GosT CD: Behemoth


BY: TJ Fowler

Available: April 28th, 2015

Label: Blood Music

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            Running a heavy metal website I have to be selective in what music I review on the site as obviously I can’t start reviewing Katy Perry albums…or want to.  However on rare occasions I will make an exception if I think the music in some way can fit into a metal/horror them.  The previous such occasions has been the Slovenian Folk/Punk/Rock band Happy Ol’ McWeasel’s ‘No Offense’ and the Horror/Synth band Perterbator’s ‘Dangerous Days’.  On these rare occasions I have been extremely pleased with what those acts had to offer and this will be my third foray reviewing an artist that a metal website might normally avoid.  The artist is GosT with their debut album ‘Behemoth’. Continue reading Music Review: GosT CD: Behemoth