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CONCERT REVIEW: Vans Warped Tour 2016; Nashville, Tennessee

Photos and report by: Melody Ryan
It was a bright, sunny day in Nashville, TN, early July, not a cloud in the sky… On this occasion last year, it rained all day, and the fairgrounds became a giant mud party in the name of Warped Tour. This year, the sun was unforgiving, and I spent at least a week afterwards peeling off several layers of burnt skin.
I never know quite what to expect with Warped Tour. Every year has its own vibe and is an entirely new experience from years prior. The 2016 lineup is definitely an interesting one, featuring several late 90’s and early 00’s punk and ska bands such as New Found Glory, Less Than Jake, Sum 41, and Reel Big Fish. It felt like I was having a strange flashback seeing these bands on stage after all these years. What have they been doing all this time… have they all really been continuously playing music this whole time that I forgot about them as I graduated high school.. graduated college… moved to Nashville… started my career…? Because.. I totally forgot about all of these guys. Actually, I do have a Spotify playlist that highlights music from my high school years, and I still sing New Found Glory’s “Sincerely Me” and “Better Off Dead” as loud as I can in my car once in a while. However, they did fall off my radar and have apparently released five more albums since I shifted from my punk phase to my metal phase….

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BLACK VEIL BRIDES – Legion Of The Black Due In June

BLACK VEIL BRIDES have confirmed that Legion Of The Black will be released this June in what will be known as the Wretched And Divine: Ultimate Edition. Continue reading BLACK VEIL BRIDES – Legion Of The Black Due In June

Video: WEDNESDAY 13 On His Sweet Tooth, His Horror Film Supergroup And Plans To Make A Movie

O2 Academy TV recently conducted an interview with MURDERDOLLS frontman Wednesday 13. You can now watch the chat below.

Wednesday 13‘s fifth solo album, “The Dixie Dead”, was released on February 18 in the U.K. and on February 19 in North America.

“The Dixie Dead” track listing:

01. Death Arise (intro)
02. Bloodsucker
03. Get Your Grave On
04. Curse The Living
05. Too Fast For Blood
06. Hail Ming
07. Coming Attractions
08. The Dixie Dead
09. Ghost Stories
10. Fuck You (In Memory Of…)
11. Carol Anne… They’re Here
12. Hands Of The Ripper
13. Death Arise (overture)

The song “Curse The Living” can be streamed using the SoundCloud player below.

In a recent interview with Metalkrant, Wednesday 13 stated about “The Dixie Dead”: “I think it’s the best CD I have ever made. It’s a great combination of everything I have done over the years. It’s heavy, it’s still catchy and singalong songs, it’s a full horror record.”

He continued: “The album is going to look like a 1980s horror movie. It’s a special way we did it. I’m more excited about that than everything I can remember that I put out. We have some different sounds, too, that we’ve tried. There’s some really heavy stuff. Heavy for me — I don’t mean like SLAYER heavy. [laughs] But for me, it’s heavy. There’s a track on the record that reminds me of BLACK SABBATH and there’s one that reminds me of MINISTRY and METALLICA. There are a lot of influences in there and it showcases my lineup that I have now. I didn’t play anything on the record, but vocals and keyboards. It’s the first time I haven’t played guitar on a record. I wrote everything, but I let the band play it. So to me, that definitely added something to it. I think I have a great band and my guitar player is amazing. The things he does and what he brought to the table… It’s the perfect record for me. I feel like it’s taken me 10 years to… Not that I didn’t like what I did before, but I feel like this is finally the one that we got where I wanted it to be. I’m super excited and I hope people will embrace it the same way.”

2013 is a special year for Wednesday 13 as it marks 20 years of him releasing recorded music and 10 years of the band WEDNESDAY 13.

THE 69 EYES Interviewed By O2 ACADEMY TV (Video)

O2 Academy TV recently conducted an interview with Helsinki, Finland gothic metallers THE 69 EYES. You can now watch the chat below.

THE 69 EYES released a digital EP, “Love Runs Away”, via iTunes on February 1. The effort includes two previously unreleased bonus songs, “Rosary Blue” and “Dracula’s Castle”.

“Love Runs Away” EP track listing:

01. Love Runs Away
02. Rosary Blue (feat. Kat Von D) (edit)
03. Dracula’s Castle

“Love Runs Away”, the third single and opening track of THE 69 EYES‘ latest album, “X”, which came out last September, has by now already become a live favorite with its pure rocking metal riffs and a chorus with a bulletproof hook line. Singer Jyrki69 comments: “This is the most obvious single track from the album and already works great on stage, so it’s about time to release it as a proper single!”

The larger-than-life ballad duet “Rosary Blue” on which Jyrki69 is accompanied by world-famous tattoo artist and “L.A. Ink” star Kat Von D is the first of two never-before-heard bonus tracks. Jyrki69 says: “We’ve known each other for some years and since Kat is also starting to make music, I thought it would be interesting to have her on board. The song is amazing and with her help, it turned out even more magical — it’s like our own ‘Stairway to Heaven’.”

The final track, “Dracula’s Castle”, is at least equally interesting, as it can be considered pure rockabilly — or rather gothabilly! Jyrki69 shares its background: “THE FUZZTONES is one of my all-time favorite bands and I’ve got to know their leader Rudi Protrudi a bit. We wrote this track with him in Berlin one night before our show and he actually even sings backing vocals on it. Words can’t describe the feeling of making music with your own idol — I still can’t believe it! The song is like a Scooby Doo-on-acid-by-Halloween kind of gothabilly track. Should be a radio hit too by any standards!”