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Interview: Selfmachine


By Carla Morton

Selfmachine is a Dutch Modern metal band that have released their debut album via WormHoleDeath records last year. Steven, the band’s frontman had some time to answer for this interview about Selfmachine.

Hi Steven, how are you?
I’m having a bit of a cold and feel a little sick. However, that did not stop me from recording the last song for the preproduction of our second album today. The recording went okay, despite my cough and running nose. No rest for the wicked! We’re all really excited about this new record and we want to get it out there as soon as possible!!

Tell me when was Selfmachine founded?
John and myself were the last to join the band to complete the line-up. This was in December 2011. Before that Mark and Michael (and later Ben) had been working together for roughly a year, writing songs, jamming and trying out different stuff that eventually turned into our debut album ‘Broadcast Your Identity’.

Last year you have released your debut album via WormHoleDeath records, ”Broadcast Your Identity”. Tell me about it.
This album is all about putting ourselves out there and letting people know who we are. It is also about self exploration and finding out who we are as a band. We recorded it ourselves and it was mixed by Stef Hartog. I think we might have broken Stef, because shortly after finishing our album, he sold all of his studio gear and moved on to photography. You can’t blame the guy for preferring the company of sexy models over scruffy metalheads! Anyway,… after finishing the album we landed a distribution/promotion deal at Wormholedeath/Aural Music. That’s when the real fun started. I can’t believe how long ago it all feels, although it’s only been a year and a half!

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