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RELENTLESS Announce New Lead Vocalist Carlee Jackson

In hopes of improving their sound and for an overall better live performance Heavy / Doom Metal band RELENTLESS announce new vocalist Carlee Jackson. RELENTLESS will be re-recording their debut album “Souls of Charon” with the new vocalist and hope to have the album released in July / August 2013. “Souls of Charon” will be released on Chicago based Metal Music label “Do Or Die Records”. For more information on RELENTLESS and Do Or Die Records follow the links below. Continue reading RELENTLESS Announce New Lead Vocalist Carlee Jackson

RELENTLESS “Souls of Charon” tracklisting revealed

Recently formed Heavy / Doom Metal band RELENTLESS will release their debut album “Souls of Charon” on Do Or Die Records in CD format, track listing can be viewed below. RELENTLESS entered Arcane Audio Studios (Chicago, Il.) to record “Souls of Charon” during the months of March and April of 2013. A mid May release is expected. A preview of the title track can be found here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWHYEnQLr90


1. Trapped Underground
2. Better off Dead
3. United By Darkness
4. Final Wishes
5. Forever Damned
6. Souls of Charon



Tim Pearson – Guitars, Bass, Vocals

Dan Klein – Drums


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DEMON LUNG Full-Length Debut To Be Released June 4

Candlelight Records today confirms June 4th as the North American release date for The Hundredth Name, the full-length debut from Las Vegas-based epic doom bandDEMON LUNG. The eight-song album was recorded with Adam Myatt and Billy Anderson (Neurosis, The Melvins, Sleep) and features artwork by English illustrator Tom Bates (Vision of Disorder, Amorphis). Continue reading DEMON LUNG Full-Length Debut To Be Released June 4

Music Review: Victor Griffin’s In-Graved

Music Review: Victor Griffin’s In-Graved

CD: Self-Titled

Label: Svart Records

Available: Now

by: TJ Fowler

Official Facebook Page:



Victor Griffin used to be the guitarist in the doom metal band Pentagram back in the 80’s who are credited as being one of the creators of the doom metal genre.  Since that time it seems Griffin has kept himself busy with various projects including still being a member in Pentagram until last year.  Now we have his own project, ‘In-Graved’ he now graces us with.  Is it a doom metal album?  Is it a good album or a steaming pile of shit?  Can Victor Griffin sing?  Well read on for my earth shattering review! Continue reading Music Review: Victor Griffin’s In-Graved

Music Review: Kongh CD: Sole Creation

Music Review: Kongh

CD: Sole Creation

Label: Agonia Records

Available: NOW

                Wow!  For a Doom Metal band Sweden’s Kongh seems overly energetic in their approach to the genre.  Maybe it’s all the Power Metal there?

Now don’t be fooled we still have the 10 minute plus song lengths and some traditional Death Metal stuff here with the slow plodding vocals and guitar work in the song ‘Skymning’.  Overall though, especially with the first two songs, ‘Sole Creation’ and ‘Tamed Brute’ We have tunes that musically is faster paced with catchy, trance like riffs and with vocals that are dominant and not lost in the ambience of the music. Continue reading Music Review: Kongh CD: Sole Creation