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PHOTOS: JaloTuska: Amorphis; Stratovarius; Diablo


Samuli Keskitalo

Anneli Keski-Petäjä

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Concert Review: JaloTuska; Oulu, Finland; Diablo, Stratovarius and Amorphis


BY: Samuli Keskitalo

The first ever JaloTuska was held in Oulu, Finland 26.9.2015. This particular event was the very first in corporation of Jalometalli Metal Music Festival and Tuska Open Air Metal Festival and that was the main reason why the media named this event as ”bastard son of Jalometalli and Tuska”. The event was held in Oulun Energia Arena, which is ice hall in the middle of Oulu. The first ever JaloTuska included three finnish metal bands and all of those were about to release their brand new records: Diablo from Tampere, which has come back from a very long break, and two flagships of Finnish metal who are also very popular outside of Finland, Stratovarius and Amorphis. This line-up would be ”a dream come true” situation for many Finnish metal fan and especially on a Saturday night, but nevertheless I was little a skeptical about the night to come: Last time I saw these two bands on stage they didn’t leave a very positive feeling with me at all, so the main focus for me this evening was on Diablo and especially on their lead singer and guitarist. Continue reading Concert Review: JaloTuska; Oulu, Finland; Diablo, Stratovarius and Amorphis

FESTIVAL REVIEW: Nummirock, Kauhajoki Finland 18.-20.6.2015


by: Juuso Viljanen & Pekka Konttinen

It’s about to become a habit: going to Nummirock to celebrate the midsummer festival I mean. And of course, we have our cameras and reporter attitudes with us. Just like last year we missed the first night due to work. This years thursday night artists were Ranger, Mors Subita, The Man-Eating Tree, Flesh Roxon, Sonic Syndicate, Satanic Warmaster, Insomnium and finnish ”hockey metal” band Suamenlejjona. People told us that we missed very good shows by arriving at friday, but you know, sacrifices must be made. Continue reading FESTIVAL REVIEW: Nummirock, Kauhajoki Finland 18.-20.6.2015