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AUDIO INTERVIEW: Destruction Frontman Schmier Talks New Album, Donald Trump and State of the World

In a very candid and insightful interview, Destruction frontman Schmier sits and talks with Skullbanger Media about the band’s new album Under Attack due out May 13th, the different lyrical themes on this album than previous Destruction albums, some Donald Trump and the state of the world today.

Music Review: Panzer CD: Send Them All to Hell

The German PANZER - Send Them All To Hell - Artwork

Available: NOW

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

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When I heard that Herman Frank and Stephan Schwarzmann of Accept were teaming up with Destruction frontman Schmier to form a heavy metal outfit called Panzer I was very interested to say the least.

After hearing a few of the tracks that were released online to promote the band I was left with some mixed feelings.  The music was ok but the vocals seemed like they didn’t fit with the songs very well  so at that point I was a little worried about what was going to be offered by our Teutonic friends.  Well, luckily ‘Send Them All to Hell’ is an album whose strength, and a few weaknesses, comes from the sum of all its parts and not just those few tracks we got to listen to on Youtube. Continue reading Music Review: Panzer CD: Send Them All to Hell