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Intro: At the moment, he is probably known being active with the Italian trio dark wave act, NON.
ANDREA ZANZA, who decided to release solo album aswell, album that gave me, somehow, goosebumps and I was filled with emotions. I have talked with him before about NON, and seems to be the same story, a cinematic music, full of emotions and something personal.

 I was very surprised by your solo album. As told you before, you should really start making music for movies, because the sound of your music is very cinematic…!
Ok, I’m available, if any director or producer wants to offer me some work, I’m on the market!

“Dormire Sonni Tranquilli”, first, how do we translate it?
I guess the best translation could be “Sleep Peacefully”.


Tell me about the story behind this album.
Let’s say that it was an inner and personal need that pushed me to compose and publish this record, it was an idea that I had for a long time but I had to wait for the right moment to do it.

It’s a lot of, I would say, passion, feelings, something personal that you’re composing and reflecting in your music. This is what I hear in your music, emotions. Am I right?
Well, I think so. It’s an album that reflect my personality, even because i’ve composed and arrange the songs on my own, and except for the drum, the bass and the flute i’v played all the instruments and i don’t know if it’s good or not but this certainly makes it more personal.

And a mix of elements: dark wave, electronic, indie, synths, psychedelic, it’s a cocktail of elements…
Yes, and I also think folk music and italians songwriter’s typical elements. I listen to many different kind of music but the most important thing to me is that at in the end I have to make my personal kind of music.

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Interview- NoN

A second interview about NON, an Italian dark wave band. They have released a new album entitled ‘’Sancta Sanctorum’’ which was released last year. Here is a new interview I had with Alvaro (drums) about the NON’s new album and other interesting stuffs.

Hello and nice talking with you again Alvaro, how things are going?
Hi Carla! Glad to hear you again! Things are going pretty well, we’re actually promoting the new album and playing some shows here in Italy.

I’m saying again that you have released an amazing album, I like it a lot. Now, I let you tell me what is the story behind this album, is this a concept one?
Thanx for the nice words! It is not a conceptual one, it’s just our feelings towards the world and things that surround us, a sense of loss vs human kind and we’re getting more wiser as we’re getting older, ahahaha!


Actually, every song has a story behind…
Yes, some of them are very personal and heavy in arrangements and sound while others are more softly and melodic but with strong lyrics. What we’re really trying to do is to find hope in these dark ages full of violence, superficiality and fear.This time we had two special guests during the recording process: Luca Barachetti, who co-wrote and sang on “Sostanza”, a long track at the end of the album and Alice Chiari, a professional cello player who added “colors” to distorted guitar and bass.

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Order the new album of NoN- ”Sancta Sanctorum”

Here are the links where you can orger the new album of the Italian Dark Wave rock band, NoN- ”Sancta Sanctorum”:

Garage Records: http://www.garagerecords.it/artisti/non/

Stotify: https://play.spotify.com/album/79kPLFtT3UDCQr3jT9Nh73

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/it/album/sancta-sanctorum/id1125341798

Amazon: https://www.amazon.it/Sancta-Sanctorum-Non/dp/B01H772SH6/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1468573533&sr=8-3&keywords=non+sancta+sanctorum


For more infos: https://www.facebook.com/bandNoN/



NoN- ”Sancta Sanctorum” album review

I was waiting to listen this album so much and all I can say is that I am very impressed by this amazing work! Comparing with the previous release, Sacra Massa, Sacnta Sanctorum is a full-length, containing 10 amazing tracks.

The album is more dark, including little ambient elements which makes the songs to sound more interesting, aswell the album is heavier, to point exactly the song ‘’Ancora Resto’’ is like this.

‘’Come L’ombra’’ and ‘’Reti E Pareti’’ are my favorite songs from this release. First, ‘’Come L’ombra’’ has exactly all the dark and ambient elements and the video is also interesting, having an interesting story behind. This song is not NoN’s song, the original is by Trio Lescano, written around 1940’s. Second, ‘’Reti E Pareti’’ is the only ‘’soft’’, relaxing and beautiful song of the album, sending lots of emotions.

Doesn’t matter in what language the songs are, for me the most important thing as an album to be great is the sound of it and then, Sancta Sanctorum has a perfect sound, all the instruments can be heard and as mentioned earlier, I like it more because it has ambient elements too.

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