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Interview: Crematory

I had the pleasure to have an interview about Crematory, I’ve talked with Rolf, the guitar player of the band. The German gothic/doom metal band have released a new album under the name of ”Monument”.


Greeting, it’s my pleasure having this interview with you. When have you joined Crematory officially?
Rolf: Hi and thanks for having me! If I remember correct, it was in August 2015. I had the first meeting with Markus just before my holidays last year in June. After that, we rehearsed some songs and it was soon clear that this would work together. Really happy about this!

‘’Monument’’ is the newest release, what is the concept behind this album?
Rolf: The band is very proud of what they’ve accomplished in the last 25 years. We are really happy that we’re doing what we’re doing after 25 years. So I think the album stands for 25 years of making music with all the ups and downs the music business has to offer. We wanted to prove at least for us that we still can make a great album and go out and deliver a killer show. It’s a very energetic album. It has variety, those electronic elements and in the same time sounds fresh and up to date.  It features hard guitar riffs and powerful grooves, dark Keyboards lines combined with killer growls and clean vocals.

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Sercati sign endorsement deal with IK Multimedia, Pork Pie drums and Tone string cleaner

Black metal band Sercati announces the cooperation with Ik multimedia for Amplitube 4,
Pork pie drums for a drums and Tone gear for string cleaner.

The band mentioned: “SERCATI are glad to benefit from new endorsements : TONE GEAR for the essential String cleaners, PORK PIE PERCUSSION for their powerful drum kit and IK MULTIMEDIA for all the digital stuff, especially AmpliTube. Don’t hesitate to go check their merchandise. Also, don’t forget our other supports : SKULL STRINGS, NO LOGO PICKS, JOYO PEDALS and MSM WORKSHOP”.


Interview: WormHoleDeath records

I had the pleasure to have an interview about WormHoleDeath records with the owner itself, Carlo Bellotti.


Hi Carlo, first I want to thank you accepting answering this interview, how things are going?
Hello Carla. No problem, my pleasure! All in all things are going very well here. Thanx!

First of all, I want you to tell me a small history of WormHoleDeath Records, when did you ”gave birth’’ to this label.
WormHoleDeath was conceived when I asked Emiliano Lanzoni (Aural Music Group) if he could meet me at lunch half way (Imola – Firenze) cause I wanted to talk to him about my idea. He said yes, let’s meet up. I wanted my label to be under a bigger mother company/network to start the work in a very effective way since the beginning. I like Emiliano as a person and Aural Music Group as a company (not to mention the great job done by him with Code666) so I met Emiliano during 2006 and he said that he wanted my label to belong to his group. We made a deal and I started my work. By the end of 2007 (31st December 2007) we announced the beginning of WormHoleDeath. After so many years I am still happy and proud of what we have done together with Aural. I couldn’t be happier actually.

Which were the first bands that have signed a deal with the label?
We signed Onsetcold from England and Lifend from Italy. Both bands are no longer active unfortunately cause they made 2 absolutely amazing albums for us. I am grateful to these guys which wanted to give us their records for release. Afterwards we signed Mechanical God Creation and The Way Of Purity which pushed our label to the next level. With the releases of these 2 bands (respectively CELLXIII and CROSSCORE) we turned from an unknown entity to a more international brand. Both these bands are still with us and I will never let them go unless they do not sign on a bigger label.

Some bands are no longer active or simply did not re-newed the contract with WHD, since last year I see new bands signed: Words That Burn, Lamori, Excruciation, Dark Oath, Norhod, Selfmachine and Shadowdream re-signed with the label, this is a positive thing regarding the label having new bands.
Bands split up, change label etc. I mean, this is part of our job so what can I say. Instead when a band is truly active and dead serious we ask them to release their new efforts with us again, if they are happy with our work. Most of the bands re-signed with us ,signing for a second album is even more exciting than signing for the first time.

Since the label’s existence there are more than 80 releases and the number continues to grow…
Our catalougue is actually at release number 115 if you include the EP’s, distribution and digital releases. Some releases have been removed from the catalogue when our licensing rights expired. We release an average of 12 albums per year, but we do not release one per month. We prefer to release batches of 2-3 albums per time. Is more effective for such a small company like we are.

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Tearless merch & orders

Who likes Dark metal? Well, check out Tearless, a Dark metal band from Croatia.


”Step Into Darkness” is their debut release via WormHoleDeath records. Who is interested to get their album and other merch, you can visit the sites, also check the band facebook page to be updated!

Merch: http://shop.tearless-dark.com/ and via Aural music store: http://www.auralwebstore.com/shop/index.php?id_product=784&controller=product&id_lang=1




Tearless new lyric video

Tearless, the Croatian Dark metal band, released the lyric video for the song ”Inside Your Raven Eyes”, taken from the new album ”Step Into Darkness” which was released via WormHoleDeath records.


You can watch the video below: