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Book Review: That Which Should Not Be


By: Brett J. Talley

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                This is the first book review for Skullbanger Media but I am hoping it is a first of more to come.  Since I try to also cover horror on the site, mostly with movies, I am always on the look for other mediums as well.  Well what better way to cover horror than with a horror novel.   Not only a horror novel but one based on the Lovecraftian/Cthulhu mythos.  While Cthulhu is becoming a bit oversaturated in the geek/nerd culture I have always been a fan of H.P. Lovecraft and his stories.  I am also always curious how new generations of writers take on his material and convey a story as opposed to how Lovecraft wrote his work. Continue reading Book Review: That Which Should Not Be

PC Game Video Review: Alone In The Dark 1


My review of the classic survival horror PC Game ‘Alone In The Dark’ from 1992

You can buy this game and others at http://www.gog.com.



Music Review: Arkhamin Kirjasto CD/EP: Undead Priest of Holy Trinity of Death


Available: Now

Label: Ektro Records

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How about some Lovecraft themed metal from Finland!  Hell yeah!  Please excuse me I get excited about Lovecraftian themed things whether they are stories, video games, board games or music.  So I will try not to be overly biased here.

Arkhamin Kirjasto are a Finnish based metal duo who style their music, in my opinion, with melodies you would hear in Iron Maiden but with a Doom/Death metal style singing , though the vocals aren’t as off putting as you would find in some extreme metal acts.  So what does this strange little mish-mash of genre offer us as a metal listener or a Lovecraftian fan?  Well check your sanity at the door because shit is getting ready to get Cthulhed! Continue reading Music Review: Arkhamin Kirjasto CD/EP: Undead Priest of Holy Trinity of Death


Ok.  I’ll admit it.  I’m a big H.P. Lovecraft fan.  So any time a movie comes out based on his works I’ll pay attention and see what is going on.  Now granted, films based on his work usually turn out to be…dubious at best.  Though I feel we have good films out there that pay a good homage to his works.  Also, usually when his works are adapted to film they tend to be updated versions instead of what would now be considered a horror movie period piece.  The most recent story adapted to film by Lovecraft is his tale called ‘Cool Air’, and like other adaptations of Lovecraft’s works the original work has been converted to modern day times with some new dialog and a new setting.  So how did all of this turn out for ‘Cool Air’?  Did it leave me colder than a dead hookers body stuffed in a trunk with a Necronomicon or did it tickle my Cthulhu Funny tentacle?  Well set your Air Conditioners to cold and let’s fire this baby up! Continue reading MOVIE REVIEW: H.P. LOVECRAFT’S COOL AIR

NECRONOMICON – Rise Of The Elder Ones Artwork, Tracklisting Revealed

Season Of Mist recently announced the signing of Canada’s NECRONOMICON. The Montreal-based death metal trio’s upcoming fourth album is entitled Rise Of The Elder Ones, and will be released on June 7th in Europe, and June 10th in North America.

The album artwork can be seen below: Continue reading NECRONOMICON – Rise Of The Elder Ones Artwork, Tracklisting Revealed