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Tuska Festival 2016: Day 1 Report

Let’s Party like it’s 1999…or like it’s Lordi is playing

And so it begins, the Tuska Festival has begun and it all kicked off with…Cattle Decapitation.  And I will be the first to admit…I have no clue who these guys are BUT I did


Cattle Decapitation: Trying to head bang Decapitate

check them out as I wanted to get an idea about how the photography for the day might go.  So let’s say Cattle Decapitation was my guinea pig for the festival.  I will say this; CD is a pretty brutal band from what I could tell.  Very Death Metalish but I was able to at least understand what the guy was singing which is a bonus for the genre.  I will also give credit to the sound guys who were able to mix the sound so well that every musician is discernable and distinct for the listener.  So for me I was actually able to somewhat enjoy the band and they had a lot of energy on stage…and for an opening band they had a somewhat large turnout.  So a big thumbs up for the guys of CP. Continue reading Tuska Festival 2016: Day 1 Report


Bands: Shiraz Lane, Lost Society and Santa Cruz


Tuska.  The Finnish word for PAIN.  Tuska…THE biggest Finnish festival for metal acts from around the globe whose only mission is to bring to the metal masses pure heavy metal over three days.  Rain or Shine.  However, metal never sleeps and before the Tuska beast awoke, the day before the festival some of Finland’s most prominent up and coming bands took the stage at the Tavastia Club in the center of Helsinki.  Shiraz Lane, Lost Society and Santa Cruz took the stage to whip the crowd into a frenzy and help set the stage for a glorious weekend of heavy metal. Continue reading TUSKA FESTIVAL PRE-SHOW REPORT: Heatseeker 2016

Mokoman ja Stam1nan Sakara Tour; Oulu, Finland 2016



Report by: Samuli Keskitalo

Photos by: Samuli Keskitalo and Anneli Keski-Petäjä

Mokoman ja Stam1nan luotsaama Sakara Tour -nimeä kantava kiertue on järjestetty kahtena vuotena aikaisemminkin. 2006 ja 2010 vuosista poiketen oli tällä kertaa kolmanneksi bändiksi remmiin nostettu viime vuoden puolella takaisin aktivoitunut Diablo, aloittaen illat kaikissa kolmessa kaupungissa. Silti suurimman eron tällä kertaa teki kiertueen mittakaava: Sakara Tour 2016 koostui vain kolmesta kaupungista, mutta vastapainoksi kiertueen lyhyydelle jokainen keikka soitettiin jäähallissa. Saatoin aluksi olla hiukan skeptinen tätä ajatusta kohtaan – vaikka Stam1na ja Mokoma ovat yhdet Suomen myyvimmät artistit ja kiertueella kuin kiertueella tuntuu ihmiset löytävän tiensä klubeille, mutta riittääkö paukut täyttämään jäähallit täyteen? Katsottuani koosteita kiertueen kahdesta ensimmäisestä osiosta huomasin olleeni pahasti väärässä – hallit tuntuivat olevan äärimmilleen täysiä, eikä viimeisenä vuorossa ollut Oulun Energia Areena tehnyt tästä isoa poikkeusta.
Continue reading Mokoman ja Stam1nan Sakara Tour; Oulu, Finland 2016

CONCERT REVIEW: Helloween, Turku, Finland 2016


Report and photos: Samuli Keskitalo

Germany is a wonderful country for many reasons. And one of those main reasons are their strong roots on power- and heavy metal. Many classic bands, who are still running strongly, but also many new-comers every year. Helloween is one of those classic ones in this genre and for example their co-headlining tours with Gamma Ray has been a truly ”a dream come true” situation for many power metallers. Right now we have again that kind of lovely situation – a Helloween & Rage co-headlining tour. A three week lasting European tour, which contains two shows in Finland. I went to Turku to see one and when I hit the road back home I was happy like every other time after a Helloween concert. So  again, the show was strong and good. Continue reading CONCERT REVIEW: Helloween, Turku, Finland 2016