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Music Review: The Night Flight Orchestra Album: Amber Galactic



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Label:  Nuclear Blast Records

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SUMMER IS HERE AND I AM FREE!  I had to say this because I have been tied up in school and unable to attend to music reviews like I would hope to.  Now that I have some free time it is nice to relax with some music that is a throwback to the late 70’s and early 80’s bands like ELO, Toto, Survivor and others.  The Night Flight Orchestra and their album Amber Galactic could have been an album from a forgotten band from these decades and placed in a time capsule and only recently discovered today.  Filled with synths, pop 80’s production and lyrics, Amber Galactic takes the listener on a musical journey back to a time when a kid would come home from school in the day but at night new worlds would be  revealed through the mysterious synthwave pop music he would listen to in his bedroom or watch on the late night TV program Night Flight.  Buy your ticket now for the Night Flight Orchestra because the journey to Amber Galactic is a long one, filled with wonders and sounds from a by-gone era. Continue reading Music Review: The Night Flight Orchestra Album: Amber Galactic

Lazy Bonez Release Tribute Video in Memory of Pecu Cinnari.

Finnish rock group release a tribute video for former band mate Pecu Cinnari who passed away in 2016,  The song, First to Go,  features Marco Hietala and Udo Dirkscheider on vocals and showcases the highlights of Pecu’s musical life.




Music Review: X-Caliber CD: Warriors of the Night (Re-Master)



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Label: Heaven and Hell Records

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My, my how the modern age of technology can bring the old and obscure back into the light again.  There are a number of labels out there who do their best to make sure that the bands who didn’t get their break back in their prime at least get to see a wider audience today.

So we have Heaven and Hell Records digging in the crypts of heavy metal to uncover the tombs of various metal artists they deem worthy for new life.  One such band is…X-Caliber and their album ‘Warriors of the Night’.  So does the Dr. Frankenstein routine worth the effort for X-Caliber?  Read on! Continue reading Music Review: X-Caliber CD: Warriors of the Night (Re-Master)

Interview: Temple Balls (By Samuli Keskitalo, in Finnish)


Rock-musiikin nykytilasta väitellään ja keskustellaan jatkuvasti. On totta, että kyseinen musiikkityyli ei elä tällä hetkellä samanlaista kultakautta kuin menneinä aikoina, kuin myös esimerkiksi levymyynti on tänä päivänä huonolla tolalla. On kuitenkin huojentavaa huomata, että pinnan alla kuplii aina jotain, joka pitää raskaamman musiikin elossa, ja sitä janoavat ihmiset nälkäisinä. Yksi tällaisista soihdunkantajista on Oulusta päätään nostava Temple Balls; viisikko, jolta ei puutu laadukasta sävellystaitoa ja puhdasta rock and roll -energiaa, unohtamatta vilpitöntä asennetta.

Viisikko käväisi alkukesästä Thaimaassa kuuluisalla Karma Sound -studiolla äänittämässä myöhemmin tänä vuonna ilmestyvän esikoisalbumin, ja voisi sanoa, että Temple Balls ampuu kovilla panoksilla heti kättelyssä: kyseisellä studiolla on vuosien saatossa vierailleet brittijätit Placebo ja Bullet For My Valentine, ja tuottajan virkaa toimitti ruotsalainen Tobias Lindell. Bändi on kuluvan vuoden aikana onnistunut luomaan fanikuntaansa isommaksi tasaiseen tahtiin kiertämällä Suomen rock-klubeja ja pari festarivetoakin on jo keretty soittaa. Nyt oli jatkoa luvassa Oulun Jalometallissa, johon bändin laulaja Arde Teronen ja kitaristi Santeri Sirviö suhtautuvat hyvällä mielellä.

Continue reading Interview: Temple Balls (By Samuli Keskitalo, in Finnish)

CONCERT REVIEW: Backyard Babies; Jyväskylä, Finland 2016


PHOTOS AND REPORT BY: Samuli Keskitalo

One of the main questions lately around the music business has been ”is rock ‘n’ roll dead?”. Well, there are many answers to that one. Pure rock’n’roll and heavy rock are not very strong anymore and many kinds of new music genres are coming up all the time. While all this is true,  if you would have asked me that question after I saw Backyard Babies at Lutakko, Jyväskylä, my answer goes: rock music is alive and good all things considered. Backyard Babies from Nassjö, Sweden have awoken from a few years hibernation and have put out their seventh LP and made a tour, which has now arrived in Finland with four shows. I easily remember the year 2003 and the Stockholm Syndrome album and a couple of songs playing repeatly on a MTV channel, though I never turned into a fan at that time. Thanks to my girlfriend I went to see their comeback tour, which was easily one of the best decisions I’ve made lately. Continue reading CONCERT REVIEW: Backyard Babies; Jyväskylä, Finland 2016